Please I need Experts to help me check if my Descriptions is cool


Good day all! Am emmy from Nigeria is been like 21 days I joined fiverr with 3 sells and a Good review but all of a sudden no sells, the sells I make was on Buyer Request that I got it please help me check if any thing is wrong with my Gig and my Gigs pictures as well as my Profile photo. Thanks


Hi! Be patient. You are very lucky to get three sales in 21 days, as there are many people who get one sale in 2 months when first starting! Don’t worry, you’re number of orders will change and not be constant (at least that’s how it is in my experience :slight_smile: ) It seems your gig is doing great if you’ve gotten good reviews with those 3 orders. People will start to see those reviews and feel more inclined to buy from you! Nothing is wrong with your gigs, it may just be not many people are viewing it right now. Play with your tags as well! Hope this helps !


Thanks a lot dear I really do appriciate.