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Please i need help with my Gig

Please i need help regarding my Gig. I have been on Fiverr for quite sometime now and after having a number of considerable sales as a level one seller i decided to add a little touch to my Gigs to make it more appealing and eye catching and so i designed a new image and uploaded it, but i was shocked to notice that my Gig was no longer visible on the Search engine and so i contacted Fiverr team and i was told that my Gig was been reviewed and i was told that my Gig would be up in the next 24 hours, at last it was added back to the seach. Nevertheless i woke up this morning to do a little touch to my Gig description and again my Gig was removed and i contacted Fiverr team but i was given the shock of my life, i was told that my Gig will not be shown on the search results and the decision was from the Editorial Team, i am really worried because that practically means i will not be seen and contacted by buyers, i asked what exactly did i do that made them take such an action but i was not told, the most fearful thing is, i don’t even know what exactly i did, please any help with this?