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Please i need reviews

please i need review for my gig. when i send offer to people the all said they cant give me work, and i ask them that why, they said i never do any work in fiverr so how could i give you work,we have many seller out there with many reviews.
please fiverr expert what will i do now to secure a good review so people will we be giving me more works please/…
check my gigs here elmizgraphics

You have a stolen business card design with a stolen gig description
What did you expect?

Stop selling stolen stuff, create your own design, learn from Fiverr Academy and be patient.


am the one that write the gig description, but am not the owner of the picture

If you really need reviews then you’ll work hard for them. Nothing in life will be given to you for free, we all need more reviews. The difference here is that rather than asking people for reviews, a lot of people will earn good reviews by doing great work.

There are no shortcuts on Fiverr. If you want good reviews you have to earn them. You don’t earn them by having stolen pictures on you Gig.

Keep plugging away at the Buyers Request section, and you’ll have some luck !

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thank for the tips, i we improve in all aspect sir thanks you again