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Please if you are not able to provide a service, don't advertise!

I’m new to this site and already disappointed, I contacted a couple of service providers with basic questions about a job and even though they advertise to be their specialty the answer is: I don’t do it at this moment" or " I can’t take this job" etc.


Sorry to here that. This is because some sellers here have already enough projects in queue so that they are unable to take more projects.

I will suggest you to post your project in buyer request section so people will bid or sent offer to you who are able to do your job.

Best of luck! :+1:


Perhaps it was the way you asked? Maybe you said something wrong, so they don’t feel safe working with you? Or, perhaps, it looks like basic questions to you, but what you need done is outside of the scope of their gig?

If you can post exactly what you asked of them, someone might have an idea about what went wrong.


Just yesterday I had a buyer contact me to do “line editing.” I do not offer that service and the sample they sent me of how it is done made no sense to me so I said, “Sorry, I do not offer that service.”

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I almost never accept projects from newbies. I work with current clients and that’s it. I may occasionally accept a new client, but they have to be easy to work with. That means people who are rude or demanding get turned down.

Sometimes people don’t understand what my gig offers. So it’s hard to communicate that I can’t do what they ask.

I just …


Although I’m capable, if I can’t complete a job due to workload, technical limitations, etc, I’ll tell you. Why should I waste your valuable time and mine?