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Please Improve my Special Effects / Illustration Gigs

Good Morning All,
I’d like some help improving my gigs, found here:
I’m having some trouble selling, and I’m not entirely sure why.
I feel like I have a quality offer, but maybe I’m missing something, and am reaching out to the community for help.

Thank you for your time,

Videos help a lot. Try adding a video to some of your gigs and make sure you advertise on social media…also if you would like I would love if you would check out my gigs

hi have a good day

i am really pleased to see that some of my buyer use my services again and again.:slight_smile:
by giving them unique services.

1)upload a video.
2)i also offer some minute change with no extra
3)doing quick response to modification.
4)unlimited revision.
5) some time i planned for special bonus.i.e buy one get one free.

i hope that will help you:)

How is this suppose to be advice? There’s very little understanding in what you’re trying to covey.