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Please include a Buyer Rating


As an avid user of Fiverr I think it would be extremely beneficial for the site and sellers to rate Buyers such as myself.

Ive received several VID’s (Very important Do’er) but what good is that if the sellers cant see that?

I think there should be a system that shows sellers what kind of Buyer they are approaching/being approached by.


How many purchases has the buyer done?

What categories does the buyer usually shop in? Is it just one or multiple?

What kind of spender is the buyer? they could show brackets like 0 to 50, 50 to 100 etc etc
If the buyer is a high spender that benefits both buyer and sellers, especially sellers since they know they are dealing with a serious potential client.

How often is the Buyer on Fiverr?

Does the Buyer abuse the revisions allotted to them?

Is the Buyer a good tipper? do they tip at all?

I notice that when you setup an account, there are all these settings, fields and options for setting your profile up as a seller but hardly anything as a buyer.

I constantly get notifications or see pop ups on the Fiverr telling me to “start selling” but what if i dont want to? what if all im interested in being is a buyer?

I think this is something that needs immediate attention, as there have been plenty of posts about this but hardly any response from Fiverr.

And as I said in the beginning, I’ve received several VID’s, ive received offers to be a “speaker” but as Buyer, i want more of an incentive to keep purchasing on Fiverr, maybe something that rewards me for shopping on here, something that makes my profile stick out more than the rest.


To be frank, these metrics are as important as sellers review. Some buyers are a joke. They do not deserve attention. They will explain a mountain of requirements only to tell you their budget is $10. In as much as I do not want to mention any country, I have noticed that these sets of buyers come from a particular continent. :grin:


They come from everywhere, including yours so it would be better and wiser not to start a discrimination campaign.


There already are reviews on your profile, and sellers can read what other sellers think about working with you.


I agree! There are too many buyers expecting a lot of work for very little pay.


I completely agree with you.
Here I would like to add one thing.

The sellers should be given the option to accept or reject the order if a buyer suddenly hit the seller with an order, even if they didn’t have even talked about it or the seller didn’t applied for that job at the first place.

This happened to me once,
a buyer placed an order and the job was completely irrelevant to my gigs. I mean I was not the right person to do that job, so who is the victim here, ME (the seller). I asked him to cancel the job, I had no other choice, and that hurt my ratings. and unfortunately there is no one who will listen to me, you know what I mean,

so I as a seller should be given the option of ACCEPT or REJECT the order.


review mean little in my opinion, if they are short ones like “great buyer to work with”

i would think sellers would like to see more info/spending habits of potential buys so they know who they may be dealing with


i agree 100%

Im curious if Fiverr reps even bother to read these


I doubt many buyers would want that information to be made public to be honest. Much of what you suggested would rather be kept private by buyers, myself included.


I didnt mean personal info, or exact details

BUT something that shows sellers a history of what the buyer has done so far.

Also, I would think it would be fair if Fiverr gave Buyers the option of making their history public or not.

I can understand if some Buyers dont want to show anything, but I on the other hand would want sellers to see what kind of buyer I am as i am an avid user of this site.


When buyes rating is most potential for a seller then it should be needed cleared description/details of a buyer’s where as a sellers description/details/record shows on this market.


hmm, yes not sure about this.