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Please Is there a safe process to deliver Word-based jobs to buyers on Fiverr?


Hello guys,
I recently got a job to deliver catchy lines for a t-shirt designer. It is something I’ve done before and I am really creative when it comes to providing funny, sarcastic lines.
Now this particular buyer says I lifted the texts from the internet which by the way isn’t true as I painstakingly crafted these lines and I’ve even gone online to search if these original lines have similar versions.
I delivered this work as a doc. File. Now if a JPEG file is to be delivered on Fiverr, the Fiverr watermark is emblazoned on the image until the buyer accepts the work.
I want to know if there is a safety net for Word-based deliveries just as the Fiverr watermark is for the safety of a graphic designers work.
I need suggestions as this buyer is refusing to accept this work.
It may simply be that my work isn’t good enough for him or it could be that he wants to play a fast one on me and take up my work and get away without paying. Either way, I’m in dire need of a safety process of delivering my word based works.

I would really love suggestions from this forum.

Thank you in advance.


You could use Adobe Distiller and create a PDF without the possibility of copying and pasting the text.
They still could just type your stuff over though.


Not really. It’s easy to steal words. As Mario said, you can just write them down.

Perhaps it’d be better to introduce a few procedures for dealing with potential scammers. If this buyer believes you lifted the text from the internet, he should have evidence to prove this. If he persists with no evidence, open a ticket with Customer Service.


Thanks Mario for your reply. I’ll consider doing that next time


Do you have a blog? If not, you could start a free one, and (very politely!) inform your clients that that’s where you publish cancelled orders (without the info that would identify their company, of course). That way, if they try to use it, they would be the ones lifting it.