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Please, judge me!

Hi everyone!

I’m a freelancer for four years but I’m new on Fiverr :chart_with_upwards_trend:

I want to be judge by you!
Test me, for any job, then tell me (and tell everyone) if you’re satisfied or not.

My Fiverr

I think that if you need an help with italian language, you found the right person.

I hope to work with you soon :handshake:


It’s best not to use duplicate images on your gigs. Also, i would check up the grammar in your titles and descriptions. I wish you luck!

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Thank you Brenna! Have a nice day :grinning:

I would recommend taking the Skills Test for English form your profile. Your skill is clearly above ‘basic.’ Conversational, maybe?

100% satisfaction guarantee is very risky. It tends to attract scammers as they can complain to customer service that they’re not satisfied.

For your gigs that offer packages: Your gig descriptions need to clearly differentiate what perks are part of which package. (If a buyer is confused, they’re more likely go elsewhere, rather than take the time to puzzle out what you’re offering.)

Always check your gig thumbnails from your profile. The text (size, font, color, style, location) needs to be readable. Several images have been cropped oddly. Shrunk images don’t always look as good as the full-sized. (These are usually the first thing people will see, and a poor first impression will drive people away.)

There’s a LOT of copy/paste between your gigs and not all of it works well for each gig. Also, excessive use of capslock is unprofessional.

There is some formatting issues with your gig descriptions that make it/them look unprofessional. Also be aware that the formatting you use for your profile description only shows properly in the gig, and not on your profile itself. (Long lists usually look the most messy.)

Your profile description should be about you. You can mention skills, but save the details for inside the gigs themselves.

If any of the points are unclear, feel free to quote them and I’ll try to elaborate.

Hey! I really appreciate your comment. I changed the description of my profile; I changed the description of each Gig, making it slimmer and removing the capslock.
Could you look now and tell me what else is wrong?
Thank you so much :smile:

I see you’ve taken care of the second and seventh things I listed, and made an attempt at the third and fifth. To help you out: complete this free course provided by Fiverr. I would happily take another look once you’ve addressed all the things I mentioned in my previous post.

(For the cropping issue: Thumbnails are 225x135 pixels WxH, near as I can tell, and as it appears in the gig, 707x410 pixels. These don’t scale to the exact ratio, so keep that in mind and give yourself a border margin. I also don’t know if the pixel ratio differs in the mobile, or in other browsers other than Chrome.)