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Please Just Be Honest

I’m posting this with my buyer’s hat on. :tophat:

Can I start by saying that I’m always really impressed when Fiverr users learn English to enable them to use Fiverr. I know I wouldn’t be able to learn a second language to such a level, and I salute all of those who’ve been able to achieve something I know I couldn’t. I was lucky the stork dropped me down the chimney he did so I didn’t have to learn English as a second language.

However, it really does worry me when responding to forum posts which are from users who describe themselves as being fluent in English on their Fiverr profiles, but it’s clear from the off that their English is anything but fluent.

There’s nothing wrong with saying on your profile that your English level is basic, conversational etc. Buyers would think much more of you if you were honest about your abilities. If you set yourself up as being fluent in English and a buyer finds that this isn’t the case, you’re setting yourself up for cancelled orders, bad feedbacks etc.

Please, just be honest about your English level - we buyers are quite happy to take it into account and work with sellers who are good at other things we need if we know beforehand. If we’re expecting fluency and don’t get it we’ll be disappointed.

I do hope nobody’s feelings are hurt from this post - that is not my intention.


I think that this topic is not limited to English language. Many sellers write on their profile that they are fluent in different languages but it’s not true!
Some “european” translators are worst than google translate!


do you ever try to understand the problem behind it?

From my point of view it is, as I don’t use anything but English on Fiverr, so wouldn’t be able to comment on any other languages. :slightly_smiling_face:


You talk about the quality of the communication, but we can think about the quality of the gigs…
The communication between sellers and buyers is mostly in english, but there are a lot of translators or copywritters who claim to be fluent in different languages and deliver very bad jobs.


There are 2 problems: communication + quality of some gigs.

correct but do you think all the time language matters?
and i agree with you that quality does matter a lot

Offlinehelpers doesn´t really say anything else than that people should label their language level correctly to avoid problems because of disappointed expectations.


Thnx for the suggestion dear

Very well said. While I probably won’t hire a non-native speaker for a writing gig, I’ll make that judgement based on the gig description and not what they claim.

Otherwise, it doesn’t matter as long as the English isn’t atrocious.

You’re only hurting yourself by lying.


English is my third language. I would like to learn more, but I get tired of it.

You have some very good points here.

There is one important thing that people who claim to be fluent in a language and are not don’t grasp:
If they just would state that their language skills are just basic, they would immediately earn some bonus points, because it would make the more sympathetic. The buyer know from the get go that the communication can be a little bit more difficult, but they know that the seller stands behind what he does, can and can not do.

This way they will not automatically doubt the skills and the decency of the seller.

Alas, everything here in this forum is preaching to the choir, as the people who should read certain topics don’t do it.


Spot on @mariokluser! Thank you. :slightly_smiling_face:

I totally get what you’re saying. The level of fluency to describe someone’s English speaking abilities is quite… umm… vague on Fiverr. I, myself, have been learning English ever since I was very very young (probably around 2 to 3), and I wish that there was a way to testify this on Fiverr’s platform. It is as if everyone is fluent/native or bilingual lol :P. Thanks for posting! :smiley:


This is so true, and at the same time, this is so bad to freelancers who are fluent in those languages. Sometimes I have people doubting about my skills and asking questions and now I realise that this can be one of the motifs.

She was talking about translation gigs specifically, so yes it does matter. It really salts my apples when people try to claim fluency in a language they’re translating into/from when they clearly don’t know the first thing about it.


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Like the old adage goes "Honesty is the best policy".

Great post @Offlinehelpers. :ok_hand:t4: There might be nothing more annoying than people telling tall :lying_face: tales about their English speaking abilities and their credentials. People tell so many tales, they themselves start believing it, too. Honestly, I think it’s a big plus for those who can speak multiple languages. As a Buyer/Seller ~ If English isn’t your Native language, who cares, that doesn’t stop me from working with Sellers who aren’t fluent in English. If we understand each other then cool freakin’ beans!

As a Buyer ~ I hire a bunch of articles :pen: writers on this platform. So, being able to write in English fluidly is extremely important. In fact, flawless! You don’t have to be a Native English speaker but grasp the language structure and whatnot. Just don’t lie to me and say you graduated from Harvard and obtained a Bsc or Masters Degree in Journalism, Business or Creative Writing etc. Just don’t do it!

Another thing… I’ve worked with many Sellers who never graduated from College or acquired a degree. Most are self-taught and do a darn good job, too. :tada:

Just my 2 cents!


I use 80% Google translator and Grammarly for Chrome. I have over 22k of complete orders. Communication is necessary, but it is more important to offer the customer what he wants.

Rating Breakdown
4.9 Communication With Seller


And you’re honest about your English level, so your buyers know what to expect.


I have worked with fabulous sellers from all walks of life. Many of whom don’t speak ‘great’ English. However, if they did not understand some of the points I made, they know to keep asking questions so they can be sure they understand what do to.