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Please kill auto responder

Please get rid of the auto-responder for people applying for gigs I asked for. Since the auto-responder says "Hi, I’m “Name” " and then tells me how long seller has been on fiverr, I have no idea if the seller has understood what I’m asking for. If people had to respond in their own words I could at least judge whether they were likely to have understood what I want. I asked for a photo, but nearly everyone seems to think I want a photo EDITED. When I explain, they say, “sorry, I’m not a photographer” which means not only have they wasted their time but also mine. So please… let sellers communicate in their own words, not in a formula that implies they speak and understand plain English when many of them clearly don’t. I hasten to add that there’s no reason why they should be able to speak English. After all, I don’t speak Chinese, Spanish or any other language… but then, I’m not applying for gigs advertised by Spanish speakers in Spanish.

This is a FANTASTIC suggestion,

Whenever I apply an offer over requests I want to talk about and ask questions on every job. That outgoing message has always annoyed me. Great, display statistics, that’s useful, but wow is it ineffective in helping a buyer figure out whether they want to work with someone.

No brainer but I’m puzzled as to why this hasn’t been implemented before.

Anyway, great idea, along with giving the buyer the option to say ‘no thanks’ and ‘I’m set, thank you’.


Candi x