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Please Kindly be of assistance to me

My name is Tori micheals , I’m a logo designer and also design business cards…

I’m a new seller here on fiverr, I maintain good reviews and and rating before A buyer all of a sudden gave me a bad rating and review because I refuse to make a logo for free to him . I complained to the customer service but they told me they can’t remove the review and rating.

i refund his money hoping the rating will be removed but still there,due to this bad rating my positive rating reduce to 88% which means i can’t use the buyer’s request, and that is the only way i get jobs …

i hereby plead to all kind-hearted buyers and sellers to please refer buyers to me or buy my gigs just to move away from my bad positive rating above 90%… I promise i won’t disappoint to you

Thank you so much

Tori, sorry to hear about your troubles. Posting duplicate posts in the forum and begging other users is not the answer. Your thread is a better fit for " My Fiverr Gigs" and was moved. Just focus on providing great service and quality work and your rating will be back up in no time. Best of luck !

thanks alot @annai80

I took a look at your gigs to see if I could suggest ideas that didn’t break the forum rules. Unfortunately what I found is a big problem. One reason you probably got a 1 star review for a blurry business card is because you took someone else’s business card design from the internet and tried to change it a little for your buyer. The lack of real editing skills probably got you in trouble. I know you deleted that gig and made a new business card gig, but the card designs don’t belong to you.

You delivered a logo to another buyer and at a glance it’s a nice logo in shades of green and they left you a good review and mentioned the nice use of colors. What’s going to happen if they find out that logo is available in multiple formats and many colors on all kinds of stock sites? If they use the logo for business, they could be used over copyright.

If I were you, I would make some gigs you can do without copyright problems. Be honest in your gigs. Learn how to do your own designs or use other skills for new gigs.