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Please kindly help me to improve my gigs by your opinion

Create a Responsive Wordpress Website Design


Hello, Himel!

To be honest, your Gig looks great, you are following every point I have made in my 2 Lessons for Perfect Gig post, it is really inspiring seeing such sellers as yourself. I can give you just a tiny bit of advice that might be useful to you and that is focusing on structure. I have noticed both in your cover photo and description that you do not focus on things, everything has the same emphasize and strength.

For example, which parts of your “Primary” Gig picture do you think are the most important? - “Responsive Wordpress Website”. Then you should make that part stand out, using a different color, putting it at the top with bigger size, just a tiny bit of improvement that can make your gigs clearer.
Otherways your gig seems solid, I congratulate you for that.

Best of luck in your Fiverr journey!


Thank you much, I’d really happy to follow your instruction,

I have one more question, someone told me, I shouldn’t edit gig in first 14 days

Is that true?

No problem, I am glad that I could have been of assistance, Himel!
Well, it highly depends, my opinion is to follow your Gig statistics. If you get a lot of impressions and your conversion rate from impression to click is fine (so around 10~; meaning for every 100 impressions you get 10 clicks) then you do not have to edit your gigs, just have patience and keep hustling.

As it has been said in the book - “Alchemist”: "When you want something all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it"

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I’m really really thankful to you.

Do not sweat it, Himel. Helping community members like you is what drives me forwards.

I wish you success!

My 2 cents :slight_smile:

  1. Don’t offer unlimited revisions. If a client needs more than 2-3 revision rounds then either you don’t know what you’re doing or the client doesn’t know what they want. Either way, it’s a waste of time.
  2. Don’t offer free support after delivery. It’s a waste of time for you and buyers can’t hold you accountable for it anyway when the order is accepted.
  3. Don’t waste your portfolio images on clipart. Upload photos of your actual projects.
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Thank you so much, I’d happy to follow your remomendetion