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Please kindly review my gig in other to get my first order

Hello everyone, am a newbie on fiverr,A professional graphic designer,I ran my first gig on banner ad which hasnt converted so far since i launched…please kindly give your review on my gig as i want to know the reason why its not converting? my username is dipzgraphix and url is THANKS as i await your kind response.


be patience ,promote your gig on social media
soon u will get first order…

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I would recommend you to use a profile picture of your own as well but not like the creator, designer, and developer beneath you is doing. Use your own picture instead of that of a random model.

thanks @kokodesigners for the advice.

@rankinfinite really appreciate the advice…thanks

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Promote your gig and don’t forget to send buyers request.

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It should be noted that sending buyers’ requests is itself a kind of promotion. You’re not guaranteed a sale but your Gig may be one or twice by each buyer you send an offer to.

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@graphicsdunia thanks for the advice…but please what is buyers request? thanks

Hi dear i hope you can know more from the link. Best of luck.

thanks so much…youve been of great help…thanks