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Please let me deactivate

Only made 12 dollars while using the site for a couple of weeks last year. I can’t get into my email because I no longer use it (don’t know password and never synced it to another email/phone) and don’t really need the cash, please just let me deactivate my account!

There is a standard method to close an account which is listed here:

The thing is, you can’t do that with funds still in your account. Have you tried just contacting Customer Support and asking if they can donate the funds to a charity and close it or something like that?

If they can’t do that, it seems like they could probably give you a new password for it if you give them ID. You don’t have to actually withdraw the funds if you go that route, you could just spend them and making someone on Fiverr very happy. Buy a gig for anything at all and you don’t have to come back and get the delivery if you don’t want to , but you could deactivate your account once it’s empty.