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Please let me know if my gigs need any improvements?

Please let me know if my gigs are fine? or need any improvements? I haven’t got any orders yet. I simply got a message from a buyer. He told me if I can get the job done? I replied within a hour but he didn’t respond. Please let me know where am I lacking? I even uploaded a video on my Logo Gig. Please do check it.

As per your services!
please try to make some good gig images! Include your service points in gig images!
make it unique and catchy and dont forget to make them as per gig image size i.e 550 WIDTH and 370 height pixels!

Also, Search for some good gigs on fiverr with same niche you are dealing in and check what kind of images they are using!
Because when a client searches a services before title what forces them to click on a gig is the IMAGE!

hope it was helpful


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Thanks :smiley: I’ll try to improve my GIGs

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wish you success :slight_smile: buddy

lets rock on fiverr

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When you are responding to conversation, be mindful of your Grammar and typographic errors

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An hour not ‘‘a hour’’, you can start from there honey

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:smiley: Thank you so much. I’m working on my grammar.