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Please let me know if you think it's worth it

Hi SELLERS! :blush:

I was just wondering…

We all know we have a maximum of 10 offers to be sent in response to Buyer Requests.
What do you when you see a request with already 100/200+ offers sent? Do you send your offer anyway, or you wait to see other requests with less offers (it rarely happens though). Is it worth it??

Also, what is the order of offers the buyer sees? He sees on top the first ones that were sent or the last ones?

Thank you in advance!


Great question!

You’ve identified the very reason why I don’t respond to buyer requests. I have been selling on Fiverr for seven years, and I have never responded once. Why? Because I believe it would be a very time consuming lottery with low odds of winning.

In order to prepare a pitch that stands a chance of being seriously considered by the buyer, you need to take time to understand the job and outline how your skills and experience align with the request. While probably 90% of applications are copy and paste nonsense that should get dismissed by the buyer, the other 10% of applications will be from sellers who’ve also constructed a good pitch.

While I recognise that someone will win the job - and that someone could be me - the odds just aren’t worth it for me. I could spend half an hour a day bidding for jobs, but maybe only win one a week if I’m lucky. There’s more to life.


Thank you so much for taking your time to reply to me! I have been sending offers in response to buyer requests and only got 1 order from the 170 offers I have sent. I keep seeing requests with more than a hundred offers already and so I hesitate in sending my offer too, even though I know I would do a very great job for that.

If you’ve never replied to buyer requests then, what could be other ways to get noticed by buyers and actually get an order? I hope you don’t reply with the usual “promote your gigs on social media”…

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This is my story.

I check BRs regularly and delete everything under $50. It is the very minimum I can work with (bills, software licences, my work).

I do not care of how many offers were sent to Buyer.

In case I understand what Buyer needs from their request and I am absolutely confident that I can provide that service, I respond. I have to say, it is very rare.:slight_smile:

I have submitted one request as Buyer once and then I got afraid of what I would get in response. And removed that request…

You may want to try one too see what responses, from whom and what order you will get. I would be interested to know as well.


Thank you @blavaro for sharing your experience with me!
How many orders did you get from the offers you had sent?


Let me have a look.

I responded to 28 requests during last 9 months and completed 4 orders out of that -> +/- 15% conversion rate from BR response. That’s not bad I guess.

As I have said, I am very selective, that saves my time and mental condition.:slight_smile:


Wow! That’s a lot actually, if you think that I have sent 100+ requests and only got 1 order out of that :sweat_smile:

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Maybe I’m being too cynical about buyer requests!

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One of my first orders was from Buyer’s Requests where I had to build a WordPress website. I did that for 50$. I call this “Free Work to Expand my Portfolio” because everybody who deals with websites, knows that 50$ is basically nothing.
Well, it has helped me to get my next orders and to build a portfolio. Now I am a Level 2 and I build websites for over 300$.

I don’t deal with Buyer’s Requests anymore. It is just something you may need at the beginning. Afterwards, people will write you by themselves or they’ll directly purchase from you.


Also I need to say that people who say it is impossible to get a job from buyer’s requests, it is not like that…

I had to send about 50 offers, before I had my first order from buyer’s requests. You just need to know your skills, what the customer wants and what you can do to help him. The rest is communication as I always say (of course after you have identified yourself as a perfect fit for a specific project).


I do not know.

I have to say, I am very quick with BR page, everything under 50 is out, everything with — is out, everything above 500 is out.

At the end I read only about 10 requests a week which I decide or not decide to respond.

Works quite well for me.

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Thank you for your reply and for sharing your experience with me. I also had one of my first orders from the BR’s section, but after that I haven’t got any other order out of that. Plus, I see that some of the requests have already 100+ offers. What do you in those cases? Do you still send your offer?

I would say if you have enough time and not enough reviews, it makes sense, else it might be a better use of your time to spend that time on delivering excellent work to get regular customers, and to only reply to BRs that seem worth it to you (not so many responses yet, budget seeming reasonable, work that’s really up your alley, etc.).
I hardly ever respond to BRs anymore, but in the past, it served me well.


Thank you for sharing your experience! I’ve been here on Fiverr for almost 2 months now and am trying to find ways to get more orders. I see many of the sellers start from the Buyer Requests (while some don’t and I would love to know how they got orders! haha). But yes, I will keep trying and hoping for the best :slight_smile:

Two months isn’t long for starting a new business/on a new platform. I’d say it’s perfectly reasonable to see at least the first three months as a trial period and investing some time into replying to BRs makes sense then, even if you sacrifice some of your “free time”.
But it all depends, of course. For people who are already successful with an own website, on other platforms, or else, it might not be worth it.

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By being found by a buyer who is interested in my service.

BR was an afterthought; Fiverr wasn’t meant to be a bidding platform, but a platform where buyers search through available services and buy the one they like.


I haven’t been using Buyer’s Request for months. It is time consuming and even if I were a New Seller, I would never send an offer to a project with already 20+ offers

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If you want to build up your account and aren’t getting pushed up by fiverr’s algo then buyer requests can be very helpful. Personally I have benefited a lot from buyer requests. Just for the numbers up till now I have sent around 208 buyers request out of which I have got 19(total I have completed around 23 order, so only 4 orders I received directly) orders so far. While most may think that we must bid the lowest to get the job but in my case I bid a reasonable price that I think best fits for the task. My intention is not bragging about myself but believe it or not most of the requests I sent are in couple of hundreds most of the time.

These are a few of my requests.

I believe if buyers are not reaching out to you, you much reach them(not by spamming though, use buyer requests). It always better to try than doing nothing. Only those have the chances of winning a lottery who have actually bought a ticket. Those who haven’t are already out of the equation you see.

It all about numbers. Remember this, 1 % of 1000 is still 10.


Always send if you’re able to do what the request asks, no matter the number of offers already sent.
Out of 300 offers on a request, already 90% of those are automated trash, so if you write something decent and brief, your chances of getting a response will rise dramatically.
You’ll also be lucky if there are 10 good requests every day in your budget/time preferences!.. I’ve been using BRs since late July 2020 and have only maxed out twice so far.


For me, BR was my daily routine because I got my first sale from buyer request and it was much but for low price. I mostly get responses from buyers after bidding recently. I’ve completed 18 to 19 orders including the one I’ve just delivered. 5 orders were not from buyer request bidding. But the rest were from bidding on buyers requests.

Well, I never bid when offers sent are above 60. On my third sales, I sent my offer after 40+ have sent their offers and I was chosen among the 50 offers in total.

In the past three days, I’ve sent about 20 offers and 6 to 7 buyer responded to my bid.

So I think the genuine bid attracts buyers.