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Please let me know if you think it's worth it

thanks, amazing tip :slight_smile:

Hi, thank you for sharing your experience and for even providing screenshots of your offers! You know, I was pretty surprised because your offers are specific, but very short! I have read somewhere here in the Forum that about important points to be put in the offer in response to BRs, like “introduce yourself, tell your ideas, etc…”, and I see that in your offers you do not write any of this, you just invite the buyer to contact you. Wow! Thank you, it’s great to hear other people’s opinions and see how they work.

And… these thoughts though!!! :100: :100: :100:

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Hi @mattboa! That’s what I’ve been doing until now. I’ve been responding to requests even though there were already 100+ offers, but it seems like it doesn’t work and that’s why I started wondering if it was worth it… but thank you for your thoughts and advices!

Thank you for your reply and for sharing your thoughts. There was a time I often received messages in my inbox as response, and once I even got an order, but these past days I got nothing, not even a message. Maybe I will try to write my offer in a different way…

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Okay, I’m a big enthusiast of the buyer requests section. It sucks most of time, but if you have proper filters in place (which I do) to sort through all the nonsense, then it’s actually a pretty decent way of getting orders. I rarely ever spent more than maybe 30 minutes/week visiting that section.

I actually took the time to cross reference all my buyers with my sent requests. Since all this information is available it only took a small function to run and return this information to me. So what you’ll see is actual data from my profile as of today:

  1. Out of the 10 top buyers (amount spent), 4 came out of the buyer requests section (#2, #4, #5 and #6 respectively) adding up to 19.62% of my all time revenue

  2. It’s more impressive that out of 15 buyers (also amount spent), 9 came out of the buyer requests section (#2, #4, #5 and #6, #10, #11, #12, #13, #14 and #15) adding up to 32.78% of my all time revenue

  3. The buyer requests section is responsible for 38.60% off my all time revenue.

  4. Out of all my canceled orders, which aren’t many, only 1 was from a buyer from the buyer requests section

  5. This is only an approximation as I didn’t find reliable data for this one, at least not in the short span of time I had to put this together, but my conversion rate is about 6.64%


WOW! So glad to hear that BR actually works for someone! But I don’t understand what you mean when you say that you rarely spend more than 30mins A WEEK visiting that section. I visit that every day and wait for requests to appear all day! haha


As a leveled seller you get more requests, now for example there are 1.100 requests available to me, but in reality only a few of those might be a good match…so why I think proper filters are needed. Fiverr should offer them by default, but since then don’t I built my own :man_shrugging:

Oh I see! So, that’s why I don’t see many requests… I’m with no level yet. Thank you for clarifying that to me :slight_smile: I agree with you with the fact that Fiverr should offer filters for Buyer Requests so it’s easier to discard those we would not be interested in.

In what I think I understand in buyer posting requests almost 70% of buyer that post requests are either they’re new to the platform or they never purchase that particular service before.
So some buyer will post a request and base on what you see on their request seems like they’re already in a transaction where you see at the end of the request stating “Please finish my project as I’ve attached all files and explained what I want, if there’s anything you don’t understand please let me know ASAP as I want the project done by tomorrow” So maybe when the sellers are seeing that request maybe it’s only remains few minutes or hours of the deadline of how they buyer stated on their request.

Mostly buyer thinks their request will be published as soon as they post it and if a buyer is in a hurry and their requests are not being approved/published for sellers to be bid, it might be time wasting for them and they will just search manually and even before their request is approved maybe 20 to 30% of their projects are in progress with another seller whom they search manually. So there are a lot of circumstances why you don’t get a response from some buyer requests.

Some buyers post a request not knowing what they’re looking for exactly.

And some buyers will even ended up not purchasing anything or so.

This is what I was thinking. Maybe it could be the reason why sellers don’t get responses from buyers requests.

I once had a transaction with a buyer who never visited my profile or visit my other gigs. It happened he posted a request seeking to get his project accomplished in the other category which I also have a gig there. So I didn’t bid and sent him a message and told him I saw his request on a particular requirements and he ended up buying from me because he never knew I had another gig like that.


Just throwing in one thread from a buyer’s perspective on the topic.


Your field is indeed competitive so I recommend persisting and sticking with it ATM, but I also see you have a lot of reviews, are they recurring clients or do they come from search?

Yes, @mattboa. Unfortunately the field I’m in is very competitive - graphic designs.

Yes, I also have a lot of reviews. Most of them were recurring clients. But most of my buyers come from search. Only 1 order came from the BR section.

I’ll try persisting and sticking with it now. Hopefully it will work :slight_smile: Thank you!

About this part… I’ve always wondered… I saw many buyers that wrote in the request “Don’t send me an offer, send me a message / inbox me”. But, how do you message them from the buyer request section?? I tried to do that once from the Desktop and from the mobile APP, but it was impossible for me to go to the Buyer’s Profile from the BR. Also, it’s not possible to search for the buyer’s username, so… how do you message them?

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Wow! Thank you for sharing this with us. It was very helpful! :wink:

You can’t send me a message to a buyer without them messaging you first. You can only send me a message to a message to another fellow seller on fiverr.

And the person I contacted was my returning buyer who only responded to my offer from his request and never checked my profile, because if he does check my profile he will see my other gigs but he never checked. He only ordered my gig after contacting.

About buyers saying “Send me message directly” are mostly newbies, they don’t know how it works and I’m glad buyers can’t be contacted first until they send their first message. If sellers can contact buyers directly, I believe many buyers won’t be using this platform anymore. Because I’ve seen a request where the offers sent are 230+ So if buyers can be contacted directly, how would such buyer handle 200+ messages through their inbox?

So mostly people who said “Don’t send me a direct message in my inbox” are mostly sellers who also have gigs or published a gig.

And I had another buyer who never sent me a message through inbox. He directly accepted my offer on his request and we discussed through order page. After the the completion of the transaction. There’s no way I can contact him because he never sent me a message through inbox.

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thanks to all who have shared their valuable experience…I also got my first job through buyer request. It was a small task about 10$. But the interesting part is, I got more order from her after doing the small task.