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Please let me know the correct way!

How can I improve my gig?
Please let me know the correct way.
I love this marketplace a lot.


stay online everyday. don’t sleep and don’t eat. don’t get vitamin D from the sun.
stay active in the forum every day without leaving your seat and without taking your hand off the mouse. If you take your hand off the mouse, fiverr will detect it and it will not rank your gig.

i’m just kidding lol

just be original and set a goal.


Send 10 buyer requests every day as a rule. Whether the order comes or not, your gig will have some click views. It will play a role in Gig Rank.

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Thank you! :heart_eyes:
I am trying my best!

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To improve your gig you must know what is missing? If the images aren’t good than please make changes in the images If title isn’t good than make changes in it as to all other parts of the editable options. Do remeber the Key-w-ords are the most important so you must choose wisely about your service thank you

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Thank you so much for informing me of important suggestions!