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Please let sellers view buyers' reviews from other sellers! A request for update to Fiverr Staff

Please! Let us (sellers) view buyers’ reviews from other sellers!


Would it make you behave any differently to a buyer if you could see their reviews?

We can’t choose our buyers so I can’t see it would make any difference.


Here is why I really need it:

  1. You will know what you will expect from the buyer.

  2. You can explain to him what you don’t want to happen with you: “Note that you cannot use revisions to get more versions. Revisions give you an opportunity to get the work done to satisfy you.” (A real copy from my inbox)

  3. You can just say NO. Or “I am unavailable at the moment.”


A fair, healthy commercial agreement comes always from the mutual understanding and honest information of both parties. So yes, revealing buyers reviews and overall rating received from sellers seems fair enough for me. But well, that’s just my opinion of course.


This will never happen! I’ve talked to Sellers who have been on this platform for years suggested this and Fiverr turned a blind eye to it.


I am really sorry to hear that, but why Fiverr won’t like to get a fresh update from us this time? (Not a question to you (nikavoice) )

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Would you like to be going around a supermarket with a star rating above your head so everyone can see how good or bad a customer you are? (Based purely on the opinion of total strangers)

Might be a bit off putting, and you might choose to shop somewhere else - after all, as a buyer, it’s your money that’s being spent.


That would be a great idea! I would be always 5. And hope others so too. :smiley:

But anyway, the internet and the market are very different.

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How are they so different?

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If you think Fiverr is a supermarket, I see your point of view.

If you think Fiverr is a freelance/hiring platform, with work agreements, I am not buying that.

But hey, that’s my opinion :wink:


As we can’t choose our buyers, it’s the nearest equivalent I can find. :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s a buyer’s market - they choose us - either our products or services.


The internet is visual, the market is real.

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Do you mean virtual? it is real - just as my keyboard and mouse etc. are.

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Yes, I understand that here we are forced somewhat to accept whatever. Perhaps Fiverr is just a supermarket after all. But anyways, I prefer to think this is a professional platform… I keep trying telling that to myself at nights :slight_smile:


Yes, sorry for my mistake.


When fiverr started all those years ago as a platform where anything within reason could be bought for a fiverr the need to see a buyer’s rating wasn’t needed. So much has changed over the years to the point where actual professional services could be purchased and still a buyer’s rating system wasn’t needed because everyone behaved themselves. Now… even though it would be a nice addition I can see this type of system get abused into oblivion; much like seller ratings.

There was another platform I was on that had this feature and it did save me some headaches when I remembered to use it. But as things are, there are other features that need fixing if not looking into before anything new, especially of this nature, can be put in place. For now, we just have to go with the flow and hope for the best.


Look at it from this POV…


Buyer X had a horrible experience with Seller X. Then Seller X rates the Buyer 1 star with a few unhappy words.

Buyer X had an excellent experience with Seller Z. Then Seller Z rates the Buyer 5 star with a few happy words.

Fiverr is trying to portray a certain image.
Fiverr doesn’t feel like it’s necessary to reveal Buyers reviews, it’s all about revenue.

Personally speaking, as a Buyer here and elsewhere. Every Tom, Dick or Harry doesn’t need to know the Sellers I bought from etc. I’m not concerned with other Buyers habits, I will judge them accordingly based on my experience alone. Besides, there are bigger :fish: to fry.


There is a difference between market and there freelancer work. As you not even sell ready work usually therem you’re hired to work with the buyer. So it’s like you actually go to get a job, and the buyer here is your employer. And you would like to know what your future employer is like and if you’re gonna do work for the employer or better find other one.

Anyway, I want to say, I surf here different gigs, mostly in my category, and sometimes I see reviews of the buyers (and so the seller reviews to them) wich were hiring me once or tried to. That’s how once some buyer asked me about a job but I might have not fitted and the buyer said that found other seller, a few days lately I found the buyer comment on the other seller gig about the job I was earlier asked to do. The comment was negative but I assume it was right as well.


Totally agree with you! :slight_smile:

Thank you all for supporting me! :heart_eyes: Hope fiverr moderators will take a look at this!