Please look I am not getting orders



Hm, honestly, your gig looks good. Work on the marketing side and put in some buyer requests and see where it gets you! Are you getting a lot of views and no orders or are not getting the views either?


Don’t believe those who tell you to market your gigs without telling you how to market your gig and without showing you proof of them marketing their gigs…

The main reason why you are not getting any orders is that fiverr is a marketplace that has more sellers than buyers … … Fiverr does a great job of getting lots of sellers to list their service on their website but it does a poor job of getting buyers to their website…

I wish you all the best and I hope you make lots of sales soon


It’s just a suggestion for him to market his gig? What do you mean ‘don’t believe’ ? No one knows for sure why he’s not getting orders. A good way to get buyers to his profile is marketing, whether it be on LinkedIn or ads. Simply changing your gig tags every once in a while and hoping Fiverr will put you on the main page won’t produce traffic. Revealing the way I market myself and showing proof isn’t something I should have to do to give helpful advice to someone seeking it.


Your topic title states: “Please look I am not getting orders!”

I guess my question is, are you SUPPOSED to be “getting orders”? Are there stipulations within the Fiverr Terms of Service that require Fiverr to provide free orders to @usmanaziz045 ?

And, similarly, perhaps I should ask… what are you doing to EARN your orders?


Good points :smile:

He might be needing help in improving the gigs but unable explain it.


Is that so? Aren’t most sellers also buyers?


@legacine No…Some sellers on fiverr are buyers not most sellers…So there is a big difference