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Please look my gig do not grow rank

please help me…my gig do not grow ranking.

This is an unethical gig. You say you make “following top of world.” You’re exaggerating to try to get business. You also say you are a Twitter expert, which is totally false. No Twitter expert would promise a high following and only emphasize following. No Twitter expert plays games with vanity metrics.

If you can’t even put the care into proofreading your gig, people aren’t going to take you seriously. It’s full of grammar errors and unsubstantiated promises.

You’re saying you do this organically, but paid work is the opposite of organic. Also, you can’t prove that your efforts will get followers, but your whole gig is saying that is the outcome someone gets from working with you. Plus, your English is poor and you clear don’t understand organic marketing at all. You shouldn’t be offering something you aren’t proficient in.

You can purchase followers, but doing this is bad for the Twitter experience of others, plus it’s useless because you can’t buy engagement and targeting. Most business people are savvy and vanity metrics are going way out of style. No one gets leads or powerful relationships from buying followers.

If you are offering marketing in English, you absolutely must be proficient in English. If people see you don’t even get the English right in your own gig, they’ll know you won’t get it right in your work for them.


Your profile says that you provide

100% organic service

May I ask, what’s that??

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