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Please make Business Days count in order delivery time!

I want to be able to offer the most reliable and accurate turnaround times possible, however it is very hard when business days and holidays are not taken into account. I do not work 7 days a week, I know surprise surprise, so having a way to incorporate business days or holidays into delivery time would make transparency and accountability SO much better. I hate asking for extensions to account for weekends and holidays. It makes me look lazy, but honestly I work 12 hour days 5 days a week so the weekends are my respite.

Anyone else feel strongly about this?


What might be a weekend for you, might not be a weekend to someone else. To some, the first day of week is Sunday, to others it’s Monday. To others, the business days are on weekends only.

More so, what you consider as holiday might not be holiday in another country :wink:

You’ve chosen to work on a global platform, where people come from all countries, regions, religions/holidays, work rules, business rules, etc.

You can, and are allowed, however, to suspend/pause your gigs when you’re on holiday or on weekends - nobody’s forcing you to work on those periods besides yourself - you’re the boss of your business, you dictate your gigs’ working days :wink:

P.S. if Fiverr takes into account all global holidays and what each country’s business day means, there will be no more working days left :slight_smile:


Pause your gig every weekend and on holidays. Problem solved.


So, a few thoughts:

  • I’m not saying my gigs wouldn’t be live on weekends or holidays, but if a buyer orders from me and expects 24 hour on a Saturday, that option won’t be available from me, as the seller. There are so many sellers on Fiverr, I’m certainly not their only option

  • It may surprise you but yes, I do know that Fiverr is a global platform

  • When I pause or suspend my gigs, which I do when I go on vacation or need the weekend away, it takes my gigs a few days to “climb back up” the impressions scale. So it is a disincentive for sellers to do this

Finally, your attitude in general is very abrasive. I hope that’s not how you talk to your buyers.


Sure, but per my note to Woofy31, when I do that and come back it takes me a few days for my impressions (which, during active days are 20,000+ as a Featured Seller), takes some time to come back. This puts me at a disadvantage for taking even one day, or part of a day, with gigs paused.

So, problem not solved so quickly!

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I can’t see anything in @Woofy31 's reply to make you say that - did you read a different post to the one I read?

He came up with some good suggestions as well.


I have this aswell sadly!


I think the answer is a pause function that doesn’t affect your impressions scale when you come back. :hugs::hugs:

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Totally! Great suggestion for Fiverr.

Roll with the punches. Don’t offer a 24 hour delivery (or offer it as an extra that you switch off on a Friday) and check your message a couple of times at the weekend.

I think a lot that Fiverr expects is unrealistic in terms of having a life outside the platform. I’m currently on a 5 hour response time for emails and this is highlighted as a red on the app. Considering I sleep for approx. 8 hours per night and only work for around 8 hours on a live global 24 hour per day platform, I think this response time is fantastic. Obviously Fiverr don’t share this view!


I can´t say I feel strongly about it, but a calendar to x out days to pause our gigs on certain days of the week or the year, with repeat function, and as needed for not recurring things, would be nice to have, ideally per gig.


Howdy - appreciate your thoughts! And I agree: the response rate function is so rough on sellers, particularly for time zone issues as you mentioned. Fiverr has improved greatly when it comes to seller experience, quality of life and fairness, but there’s still areas to improve that would greatly impact the true autonomy of running your own virtual shop.

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I simply gave you some explanations on why Fiverr wouldn’t do what you suggested, and tried showing you a different side of the story :wink:

I also hope you don’t accuse your buyers of whatever attitude you see when there was no attitude at all in the first place - writing isn’t the same as speaking face to face, and there was no “attitude” in my words.

I’ve been dealing with over 10,000 buyers for more than seven years - I know how to deal with buyers.

This is a forum, I don’t have to treat you or anyone else as my buyers. I’m here to help, give advice, explain things, give ideas, not to get buyers. Everyone should be friendly in here, which you weren’t to me given your written tone and reply.

P.S. if you thought I treated you in whatever way you thought I did, I apologize, that wasn’t my intention - there are a lot of people here who don’t know about other countries’ holidays, about how weekends are in other countries, that this is a global platform, etc., I just made sure you were aware of these things :sunny:


That’s what I thought when I read this forum :laughing:


I think you were misunderstood, I found nothing offensive in your reply.