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Please make it possible for Sellers to Rate Buyers :)

Dear Fiverr Community,

as a Seller and Buyer on during the last years, I have had amazing experiences with both Sellers and Buyers. Most have been wonderful, honest, polite and creative people.

But, by what I have read very often on our Forum during these years, it seems that Sellers need the possibility to rate their Buyers. Sellers would love to be able to check out who they are about to do business for, trough the experience of the community.

If this feature becomes available, some Buyers - at least the ones who intend to keep and use their Fiverr username, will probaly think twice before trying to exploit Sellers.

Wouldn’t that be fair for both sides? What do you think?


It would be fair happyspace with the happy name and you are right. This is one of the most important features which Fiverr is missing as a freelancers’ platform.

Reliability should be working both ways, specially if someone is a new buyer or a seller who buys a gig and he/she may have special reasons to do so: like spoiling some other seller’s reputation in purpose, given the fact that he/she is a professional who works on the same field. :slight_smile:

We can rate buyers right after they give a rating to a seller. Not sure about the point of the rating because I can’t see the overall rating of a buyer. :confused:

I totally agree with you. This will makes it much easier to know how the Buyer actually is with the Sellers.

Wouldn’t mind an ability to see a buyer’s rating. Helped out a lot on another site; especially it came to habitual offenders.

Yes! “To rate buyers and have it visible for everyone”, I meant. I thought the post title would get too long :slight_smile: You are right!

To have the buyers’ ratings “visible to all Fiverr users”… this is what I meant and sorry if the title of the post is not so clear… it is not obviously :slight_smile: