Please make some changes to the Resolution Center


I am always very hesitant to use the resolution center because of the fact that it creates a big red “DISPUTE” message for the buyer. The appearance is extremely negative and having got them from sellers myself I always think something like -
Oh great, they have messed up or they are going to mess me around

Changing this could make it more usable for sellers. When I need extra time or something else because of a buyer’s issue etc I tend to allow the order to go late rather than use the Resolution Center. This makes me look bad to Fiverr but as long as I communicate well with the buyer they have never had a problem with it. I simply want to avoid the alarm bells that “DISPUTE” can cause.

I have mainly focused on larger orders that are more difficult to estimate accurate times for. For example, a 50,000 word proofreading order I had went a couple of days late due to the extremely poor quality of the writing and the need to have some over and back with the client. The client really appreciated the extra effort I made and extra time I spent to get it right but in Fiverr’s eyes it is a negative on me. Had I felt comfortable to use the Resolution Center I could have avoided this but I think the buyer would have panicked at the big red “DISPUTE”.

Having something gentler would really help and a few different messages depending on the reason for the dispute would be amazing and quite simple to implement.

Mods and Fiverr Staff - Curious about if / how feedback from the forums is fed back to Fiverr support / product development

Dear Eoin:

I recently had an issue where (presumably) a glitch on the Fiverr platform caused an erroneous duplicate order to be created.

I was reasonably confident that the Buyer did not intend to create the order because it was for 9 times the amount of the base price for this gig, and the Buyer and I discussed her INTENDED order in great detail. She also did not complete the Requirements (why would she, given that she did not intend to initiate the erroneous duplicate?).

I wasn’t sure whether this was a situation that required opening a customer service ticket or using the DISPUTE button.

I went with the DISPUTE option, and explained to the Buyer that in this context, the term “DISPUTE” was not really the best choice of words.

The Buyer agreed with the DISPUTE.

She even made another purchase a day or so later.

However, no one from Fiverr has contacted me and the DISPUTED order is still listed as active in my orders. In this case, Fiverr has caused a great deal of distress for me due to what is apparently YET ANOTHER GLITCH on the Fiverr platform.

To sum up, I agree with you that DISPUTE is an ugly word and this whole process could use imprvement.

Thank you,


That is an odd one.
I suggest you go to CS on that because your client will have been charged and even with cancellation they wont get their money back. They might be annoyed at you if it is not cancelled when they realize they have been charged.


Dear Eoin:

Would they be charged without the order ever being completed?



Yes, the fee goes through even before they fill out requirements. You wont ever get the money without it being completed but the fee will have been paid for sure. The client won’t know that you didnt get it. Go to CS and explain to them and then explain it to the client when CS respond. Better to have the solution first and then explain it to the buyer


Dear Eoin:

I’ve opened a ticket with Customer Service.

I assumed it worked as it does with other websites where you buy stuff and that don’t actually charge your card until they SHIP it.

I really don’t enjoy situations where things over which I have no control ruin what would otherwise be a fine experience for the Buyer.

Thank you,


You can simply give the buyer a link to this forum thread. It’s self-explanatory and would save you a lot of trouble.


Dear Writer:

When I first noticed the issue, I advised the Buyer to open a ticket with Customer Service.

At this point, I believe I’ll wait and see how they advise me to proceed.

Thank you,

Update: all’s well that ends well!


I’ve actually had two orders the seller’s disputed.

When I received an email stating -

                 "A Dispute Was Opened for Your Order"

Well . . . it’s quite jarring. In both cases, my thought went to “What the heck did I do wrong? I wasn’t abusive or rude. I ordered per gig description and provided all information immediately.”

To be honest, it made me feel like I did something wrong as a buyer and the seller didn’t want to work with me. Which, of course, wasn’t the case, because I worked with both of them.

The word “DISPUTE” needs to be replaced with a more professional word. Granted, in some cases that is exactly the correct word to be used, but in other cases, not as much.

Something like, “A mutual cancellation was requested by (name of seller) vice A dispute was opened” sounds a little bit better.


That’s exactly what I mean. It is unsettling and leads the buyer to expect bad news when in fact, with the resolution center options, it could be something simple like a request for a couple of hours extra etc.
Some simple changes would make a huge difference.