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Please Me Help : Thank you very much


I’m having a problem here at Fiverr. I’ve been offering Gigs for my talent, which is the design. Unfortunately, there are no buyers. I know that I have interacted with Fiverr forums and there is no solution. I want you to look at my services and tell me what’s wrong with them.

My Gigs


I took a quick look, and:

For your logo design one: Offering a potential refund in the first sentence comes off as unconfident. Also, the first image of your portfolio is kind of confusing. Why is there one logo in the foreground blocking ones off in the background?

Android/IOS app icon: You spelled Android wrong. Also the title is grammatically incorrect.Your final gig image is also blurry. The sentences “I do not make a carton” and “You will not find any other concert quickly with quality”: I can’t figure out what they mean.

Audio production gig: You spelled “edit” wrong in your gig images and video. Also, what is this little part at the end about SR Inc? It cuts off the rest of your gig description and is very jarring.


Is it possible to clarify data for errors with an explanation of how to fix them?


Um…I kind of already did that? I pointed out very specific errors. I can’t really fix them for you, so you’re going to figure that part out on your own.


I do not mean, I will fix it on my behalf, but I mean you will explain to me how to fix the errors.


I know I’m going to sound mean and harsh, but…

If you don’t know how to figure that out on your own, you’re going to have a hard time
finding success here.
I can suggest though, you can search for a gig where people offer gig-critique.
It will not guarantee sales, but it should improve the appearance of your gig.


Thank you my dear

I know very well how to correct my mistake but I do not know what my mistakes are if you can tell me what my mistakes are and give them in detail … I will be thankful to you


But…I already told you in detail. Those are the errors. Now all you have to do is fix them!


I am sorry if I was a jerk for you and I want to show you my mistake more details to get you more and thank you dear


You weren’t being a jerk. Just fix your mistakes and move on :stuck_out_tongue: