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Please need help

I opened my account a year ago but can’t get any orders. I have 6 gig .i am online regularly.
Please what is the reason. if you look at my profile would say a little.
Hare is the link:

Thank you.


I checked your Gig page.

There’s nothing wrong with it that I could see.

However, you are offering a service where there is a very high level of competition.

In the year since you started, there have been THOUSANDS of new Fiverr members joining.

It has hurt many of us.

I think this may be the cause for your issue.

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Firstly, staying online does not increase your chances of getting orders! Check this out: Top 5 Fiverr Myths - Debunked!

As for your profile, everything looks good, but @looseink said, the gigs that you offer have TONS of competition!


Then it would be better to do in another category

If I were you, I would write down a list of the talents you have and try to find ways to offer them in Gigs.

Expect to encounter competition in anything you offer.

You have to try to be different to stand out from the rest.


So what should I do now.

Sir then I will do in any others category

Then will I delete my old gig?

Don’t delete your old Gigs unless you create new ones that fall into different categories. I would keep some that you already have and come up with some new ones in other categories.

However, THIS IS IMPORTANT: the new Gigs you create HAVE TO BE things you can do and do well or you are just cheating potential customers.


I understand. And Many thanks for helping me.…:heartbeat::purple_heart::yellow_heart::green_heart:

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It’s pretty much impossible to get order on photo editing gigs.

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There’s not really anything that you can do!

I basically have the same advice as @looseink. If you choose to make new gigs in less competitive, make sure that they offer a skill that you are talented in!


I got it now . This category is too much competition.

I have to develop my skill.

Of course! Never offer a skill that you are not able to provide quality work in!

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While you can take the time to learn/develop something new, it’s a good idea to consider what you’re already good at now, so that you can offer something now while improving on the side.


I am good in print related work.I want to start with that.

I’m not sure exactly what you’re talking about, but good luck!

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Like Flyer, business card, logo, etc .

I am trying to develop myself