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Please need someone to review my gigs


I am not getting sales. Can someone help me to review my gig please.


It’s against the TOS to do so and you’ll most likely get your account banned from Fiverr.


No - I think the OP was asking people to have a look at their gigs and leave an opinion.

I don’t think they were asking for the gigs to be purchased and reviewed.

Had a look at your gig, and I think your reviews may be the problem.


I agree, I also think your feedback score is the issue. You only had a few sales but your feedback score dropped to 81%.


Thanks… Actually, i need advice on how to get my ratings back to life


How can i get my feedback score back to above 81.


Delete it and start again?


You can raise your feedback score by providing excellent work and service. You will need a few 5 star feedbacks to recover though.
Even if you delete your gig your averall score of 81 % will still remain on your account.


I understand you guys situation although I’m new here…sorry