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Please need your valuable suggestions or Solution


hello Guys as i am a mobile app developer and when i am giving interviews to clients they use the following words usually “Payment” “Payment integration” “paypal integration” “Email setup” Skype"
and all of these words are block by fiverr not allow to use these words but o know this but my clients do not know about it so i would like to ask will it effect my account my clients are using these words not by me? i am very much afraid already fiverr demoted my level from 2 to level 1 and give reason i am asking for users personal information now i am avoiding to use these words never use but clients usually use these words so please let me know will it effect my account in future ? thank you


@misscrystal can you please suggest me?


I usually say invoice for payment.


sorry i dont understand


No those words won’t affect your account at all.


but fiverr already give me punishment from level 2 to level but before i was using these words now i am not using these words but fiverr use these words


It depends on what you say about those words if you are punished or not. I use them a lot but never to ask for payment outside of fiverr.