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Please (new) sellers, stop messing things up!


Hi everyone,

Maybe this isn’t the right place to post this because it may sound like a rant; but then, if you read between the lines you will catch the tip in it, so here goes: It is a fact that a lot of buyers on here expect the world from we sellers for $5, but when you come to think of it, sellers may be the ones encouraging that attitude.

I have a proofreading and editing gig, so let me use that category as an example. I come across a lot of gigs that say something like:
'I will proofread and edit 5000 words of
your document for $5.'
Now, isn’t that slavery? Why would anybody want to spend hours working on a 5000-word document for a measly $5 ($4 actually)?
Now when a buyer looks at my own gig that offers to proofread and edit 1000 words for $5 (which is very reasonable in my opinion), they may think I’m being greedy and overpricing my services, and just move on to the next gig.

I understand that sometimes sellers (especially new ones) may want to offer more work in order to make sales, but please, let’s all be reasonable. SELLERS, PLEASE STOP UNDERSELLING YOUR SERVICES. STOP MESSING UP THE MARKET AND RUINING BUSINESS FOR EVERYONE JUST BECAUSE YOU WANT TO MAKE MORE SALES. VALUE YOUR TIME AND EXPERTISE.

Obviously this applies to sellers in all the categories. Let’s stop encouraging some annoying buyer attitudes. I could go on and on (writing is my thing actually), but I have to stop here.



so what do you suggest? Everyone to upsell their services? First impression is very important, you should not expect a seller to start selling a product at 100$ when they do not even have 1 review saying how good they are at doing that job.


there only a review problem I just seen - as you not possible to left or change after order ends or refund request - so fraudly got hi-rates are only present and there is no people wishing to pay for fair or get a job made for fair… and is a deal that more poor is country much are costs the same - so there is no market damphing possible at all…


A lot of newbies feel that the only way to compete with top sellers is to lower their prices and I can’t blame them for that. If they are willing to do the work then let them do it. Sooner or later they will quit or raise their prices because most sellers want to make more money :slight_smile:

I’m mostly a buyer myself and I can tell you that price is not the only deciding factor when hiring someone. I’ve checked quite a few of those 5k gigs and I’m sure most buyers can see right away that some of those sellers are definitely not up for the task.

Don’t get frustrated over what others are doing, if you can beat them with quality then you may get away with higher prices. However, if you can’t get enough orders then I suppose you’ll have to put up with the hard work at the beginning until you get enough reviews to prove that your service has a higher quality.


I understand where you are coming from, but a seller should not offer to do work worth $25 for $5 just because they are new, or because they just want to make more sales. Using my example above, offering to proofread 2000 words for $5 is much more reasonable. Buyers don’t need to get the impression that we are here to do free work. This is Fiverr and not Freever…lol


Ok, thanks for your comment. Of course I cant stop anyone from doing what they want, I just had to air my thoughts.


Thanks for your comment.


usually even on darkmoney resources people make job few times or how much need for free and only for positive review - without it no one will work with you, so if newbie want to make it 50 percent cheaper (what is almost not bad special in crisis) - it’s okay, but we talk just about fraud currently))


I get you, but with the amount of competition here, there are multiple ways to stand out. New sellers do have to stand out. They can try a new twist, a new niche, extra-amazing quality for the upsell, paid advertising, free off-Fiverr marketing or a ton on other things.

For some, though, a dirt cheap price is their easiest or best way to stand out. If that means they work for free on their first 10-50 sales, that’s what some will do. I don’t blame them. Fiverr is no cakewalk even for experienced sellers.


I read your reply after writing mine, but we sure had the same idea. You were first! :wink:


You are absolutely right…


You are all talking sense, for real… but do not be short sighted in your opinions. I will tell you for a fact there are many countries that view $5 as a lot of money and hence they are comfortable charging that much for their services. To them they are not slaving but actually earning a decent living on this great platform of ours, you do your thing and if your quality excels buyers will see that and come to you. That is how the system works and I think its fair like that.

I am sick and tired of seeing posts targeted at new sellers…are they annoying yes but were we not all at some point? Give them a break!


I see everyone’s already pointed out that $5 in some countries is worth a lot more than $5 in others.

The only thing I’d have to add is those people living in countries where $5 is not a lot of money should be further milking the system for a neat bank account balance.

Now, let’s stop whining about things that we can’t change, hmm?


I considered my work on fiverr charity for at least the first two years.


I have got nothing personal against new sellers. I was a new seller myself not long ago, and I am still relatively new anyway. All I am trying to point out is that doing a lot of work for very little when you are new may not be the best way to go about making sales. I never did that myself, and yet I still managed to get to level 1.


If $5 is worth $50 in a local currency–which everyone is pointing out, your point is moot.

If you want to be successful here, you’re going to have to do a lot of work for very little, and occasionally partake of the shitpie. Sorry, but that’s how it is. Level 1 simply means you managed not to muck it all up within 10 sales in a month.


Well, what more can I say?


As a new seller still working in my first month, it took a lot of time to get a feel for the “market” of my gig. The range of skills and their value is all over the place. I had to slog through approximately 35 different gigs and sellers to map the market. One thing I will say: the crazy sellers like the one mentioned have a way of weeding themselves out. After all, they’ll find their pricing model is unsustainable. And those who maintain their gigs at ridiculous, market busting prices, that’s free enterprise. Gotta love it. :slight_smile:


A wise man once said, ‘Only monkeys will work for peanuts…’, and that wise man was me.


Sounds very good to me.