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Please (new) sellers, stop messing things up!


It’s a difficult situation to be in. I’m not a new person on here, but I have been off an on. I still haven’t gotten a sale, and I think my prices were always very reasonable. Problem is, as an artist it’s hard to get noticed as well. I feel like the people giving so much for so little doesn’t help me trying to make a move in the market. I really don’t know what I can do to improve or make people notice me. Maybe, I just don’t stand out enough… I don’t know


The person offering to reading 5,000 words for $5 may not do a good quality job, or may have bad reviews, or may be from a foreign country where the $ is different.

Every purchase on this site has its own risk.


“Perceived value” is the important element here.

To break it down simply - I want to take you out for a great meal. Where should we go, the place that sells $5 steak or the place which sells $50 steak? Whether you wish to go to the $50 place or not, 9 times out of 10 you would perceive it’s quality to be higher because of it’s set value (this is also an element to Apple’s marketing technique).

This is the same when it comes to pricing factors on Fiverr. New sellers may offer to do additional work for free but offer too much and your perceived value plummets.

As an established seller offering a lower word count or a “higher price”, lower priced sellers actually help to increase your sales and generate more revenue for you - because you become the higher priced, perceived high-quality deliverable. To secure that sale, you then just need to make sure you’re backing it up. Is the presentation of your gig equal or better quality? I recommend focusing on your gig more, rather than new competitors. The more time and effort which goes into your own service at the higher price only helps it to have a higher perceived value. Trying to compete with newer, unproven or lower priced services only lowers that and risks your service’s longevity.


I have been here for a while not mostly selling, but from my experience outside Fiverr, i know that many reasonable buyers will pay even for the highest price to get the best quality. Many times the buyer will buy the expensive gig with the idea that ‘cheap is expensive’; haven’t you seen people buying more of Apple products despite their prices and leaving out the likes of Hp or Toshiba. Now you know price is not an issue, quality is the biggest factor especially when you have a vision for your brand. Price your gig reasonable and provide quality work. Get paid for what you are worth, sometimes its not good to stoop too low regardless of how long it takes to land that job. Point made. cheers.


As an extremely new seller here on fiverr I offer all my gigs for 5 dollars, even if i know its underprice just so i can start selling


You made a good point, thanks!


You are right, cheers!


Having $5 gigs is perfectly OK. What’s not OK to me is offering to sell your soul in return for the $5.


Just keep doing your best.


Now a days Its quite tough to get new jobs and also get a big amount of money . Most of the buyer wants Free Work . Not even wants to give us 5$.

I dont know, whats wrong with them :imp:


I don’t know what the solution is… .I really don’t.
I am brand new as a seller again-- tried this before. I am charging what I think people will pay me as a newbie. I would love to charge more, but I need some customers for starters.


I’m still new (less than a year) but started with $5 gigs until I built a following. (Over 1,000 gigs sold so far…)

I see some important factors every seller has to establish if they want to sell at higher prices:

  • Perceived Value
  • Social Proof
  • Ability to Up-sell and have extras that add value for clients (so they purchase).

Now I still have a $5 gig, but fewer words than many in my category.

My quality is established, and the vast majority of my gigs are at higher prices, because I’m worth more than many in my category.

That said, I gave away a free bonus for new clients, to prove my extras were valuable and they regularly purchase those items in repeat orders.

I’m fine if a new seller wants to offer 300 or 400 words (in voice overs, my category) for $5. Knock yourself out. People invest 3 to 5 times as much with me because I’ve established value for them.

New sellers are welcomed at any price point, few can match the people who refine and upgrade their skills and gigs over time.

Focus on what you can control, adjust as needed to build momentum.


i am 23 days old on fiverr right now with just one sales and still struggling to make much sales in such competitive market like this, as am studying, preparing and applying different methods daily in-order to achieve success.

achieving level 1 isn’t fun with me and am not having a good yet.


Hm, well you certainly quoted the right word. It takes time to build momentum. Hell, if you’re having issues getting clients on Fiverr, go off Fiverr and bring them to Fiverr. You’re focusing on a badge instead of your business. Think about that. For all the studying you’re doing, it’s not helping you to get sales, is it?


am looking for what successful seller did on fiverr and apply them simple; not really interested in forum badge. my gig is more important now.


don’t you know the TRS requirements by fiverr levels page?


This is the title of a gig from a new seller:

“I will phychic reading friend love”."

I’m in that same category and feel sad and embarrassed by things like that. If you say you can do it, at least be able to spell it. I don’t mind if sellers want to charge $5 when they are new, but it’s the sellers who can’t do what they are advertising they can do that makes buyers want to avoid doing any more business here.


You know how when you start writing the title Fiverr says your title is TOO LONG, maybe he read too much into that.

He meant, I will do psychic reading for Friends AND for Love. You know, short and sweet and to the point… lol :smile:


Are people actually aware that we’re in a competition for clients. So, i don’t understand why you’ll be so concerned about what your competition is doing. They;re doing what they think it’s best for their business, considering the fact that they’re new and want to stand out. So, it’s their prerogative if they decide to proofread 1 million words for $5. If they’re end up not providing a quality service, it will hurt their reviews.


Nice post I am completely agreed with you!