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Please no orders


I’m a writer, it is had for me to get an orders,but my impression is moving up everyday.please help me forum


According to your profile and gig descriptions, you have 5 years experience as a professional writer, you’re a professional football writer for many years, a veterinarian with over 6 years of experience in dog and pets field (whatever that is), a qualified nutritionist, when you’re not writing, you care about your health, beauty, fitness and wellness, you have experience in every type of exercise possible, and you’re also an expert on diverse aspects of agriculture.

Sorry, but it doesn’t sound believable. Plus you have a bunch of typos and grammar mistakes in your writing, and that puts buyers off.


Do you remember Fiverr’s party from last year, giving sellers super powers? I think OP is one of them :rofl:

Oh you, little faith woman… :laughing: :wink:

Maybe he was just in a rush while writing :thinking:

In a serious note, Fiverr must really do something, and quickly, to keep the face clean…


Thanks for the mistake you see.
But different gigs with different description. Please what to do to get order.


So you really are everything you claim to be? A real veterinarian, a real qualified nutritionist, a professional football writer of many years, someone with experience in every type of exercise possible, and so on?

Since you’re a writer, your gig descriptions should be without errors. Also, be honest in your gig descriptions, and don’t claim to be something you are not, or pretend to have experience you don’t have.

Or, offer some other services. Something that you can really do well.


Hi check below it might help you