Please Note Cheap Dosen't Mean Poor Quality


Hello Buyers

I want to highlight one thing in this post that, the usual thinking of most of the buyers here in is that whatever service available here at cheaper price is not good in quality, but let me clear that several sellers are here, who is selling service just to get good client’s, which can be converted into regular customer.

So i request you to trust and give a chance to beginners also, otherwise a flood will come and everything will dis balance.

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It all depends what service you are talking about; if you are telling me that you can develop a top-notch e-commerce application or translate a book for 5$ than sorry, but that can ONLY mean low quality; and sadly, one can see plenty of gigs of that kind around here


A big check for that…give us a chance…


I 100% agree. I recently had a buyer who seemed a little shocked that I was willing to proofread and edit a 100+ page book for $5, but I explained that I’m doing that mostly to establish myself, and gain a customer base. He’s an entrepreneur, so he understood, and I have a repeat customer now!