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Please note: Some categories require that sellers verify their skills

I was updating one of my gigs (radio) and saw this message:

Please note: Some categories require that sellers verify their skills.

What does that mean? How do I verify my skills? I haven’t heard from CS on that.


I am also wondering what is this…
On the skills test they recommend to do 3 specific tests.
I have done 2 already…

If you get to know anything… please let us know…

:slight_smile: Thank you in advance


yup I see that notification too


I am having the same notification too, I hope that does not cause a problem in future.


Can anyone tell me please, what does this mean “Some categories require that sellers verify their skills?”


It probably means you need to run a Fiverr skills test and pass it, ie. one relevant to that category. Though it should really specify whether the category you have selected is one of the categories that requires it and if so, which skills test(s) need passing, but it probably doesn’t.


They recommended 2 test for me, one of them is Basic English. Clearly didn’t do it but I passed the other one which is related to the gig I am creating. Yet, this annoying message didn’t disappear.
Isn’t there anyone here from Fiverr to answer us?!

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Most of us are sellers, just like you. We do not work for Fiverr, nor are we associated with Customer Support. If you need an answer directly from Fiverr, then I recommend that you contact Customer Support.


Is the annoying message stopping you from creating a gig? If it isn’t, then the message is not important. Maybe Fiverr is testing a new feature for the future.

Either way, taking tests doesn’t hurt. If you score low, you can choose not to display the result. If you score higher, then show everyone how well you did. I’m proud I scored 9/10 of English Language and Basic English.


I am facing the same issue . yes they want to pass tests to prove your skills.

If you’re talking about the message that mentions you need to pass tests to prove your skills, don’t worry about it. For now it’s not applicable, anyone can create a gig and sell anything.

The tests I’m referring to are optional, people do it to enhance their profiles. If I score 9/10 Top 10% in the English language test, that gives my future clients confidence that I can speak and write English.


I guess I was wrong. I suppose there are no tests for my gigs on Fiverr. Testing grammar and spelling is easier than testing lots of other things. How do you test a graphic designer or someone who writes radio commercials or a remote assistant?

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I had to take the English test before I could publish my latest proofreading gig.


I wonder if my own proofreading gig has been grandfathered? I just activated it a few days ago (got promoted to level 1) and had no issues.

What was your score in the English test?

Congratulations on getting level one :slight_smile: well, i thinks its for new sellers. As you are at level one means you’d joined fiverr earlier than this. i am also facing one more issue of not able to get impressions,views and clicks on my gigs. Would you like to suggest me something to solve this problem. Many thanks .

If you need to verify some skill for the gig you are creating you won’t be able to create it unless you pass the exam, and they will send you an exam.

I did it for proofreading GIG (all English test). And you must get a certain score in order to be able to create a GIG in that field.

But it is only for some GIGs.

For graphic designers there are Photoshop an illustrator tests.


marinapomoraci.yes you are right. thank you .

I never had to take it for the letter-writing or proofreading gigs I had before I made the new proofreading gig even if I paused and unpaused them.

Ten of course!


Yes, @marinapomorac. You are right. If the skills required for creating a Gig, then you must do the test and pass with a certain score (they will tell you before you do the test).

For Photoshop and Illustrator tests, fortunately, they are not required to do to create a Gig (based on my experience when I created my Social Media Design Gig). I don’t know what type of creative Gig requires Photoshop and Illustrator tests.

Check my profile. I’ve been on Fiverr since 2013. If I’m a level 1 is because I got demoted a bunch of times. As for your issue, if what you’re doing isn’t working, do something else. Try a new gig title, gig image, gig description, lower or raise prices. I don’t recommend doing everything at once, but make one change and see what happens. Study your competition and see what they’re doing, then follow the ones who are succeeding.

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