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"please note" what is this?

hello everyone,
when i was created my gig, always display my account as,

“please note : some categories require that sellers verify their skills”.

what is this?? what are the skills sellers should verify? actually i not understand about that.So please give me a solution for that.


Need skill test on fiverr

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@sohagalamin how can i do it?

i contacted CS and i will hope they give me a solution

This is how you can take a test
Take and Test Link


@sherkhanshani thank you

That is a totally separate thing.

The skill verification test and the voluntary skills tests for badges on your profile are entirely different tests and procedures.


Yes, They mentioned

we will begin offering the opportunity to take skills tests to verify seller skills

So how can one take this test?

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You can’t voluntarily take it. Fiverr tests you if they feel they need to.


You should verify your skills on that category, after that you can change the gig category.

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@humanissocial can i verify my skills doing in test taken feature?

Yes… But you need to pass the test . :slight_smile:

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Some category need skill test on fiverr :slightly_smiling_face:

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That’s cheating.

If I remember correctly, it’s no longer allowed to change the category of the gig once it’s published.


I think you are allowed to change verified category.

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here is the CS answer about my question

"As part of our ongoing efforts to increase overall marketplace quality, Fiverr is giving sellers the opportunity to take tests to verify their skills. As a seller, you can increase buyer trust by verifying your skills in the subcategories in which you offer services.

Sellers with verified skills are more likely to receive orders and exposure within Fiverr.

Not to worry, the info displayed below should not make issues with creating your Gig, however, as suggested for some services, you will need to complete a skill test."

Hope this helps.


When I made my last proofreading gig for books, the system would not let me publish the gig until I had taken and passed the English skills test.