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Please pardon the dumb question, but

( and I hope it’s in the right category)

I’ve only visited the buyers request like once or twice, but I see some posts that are a month old, some longer. I can see the request contents, the time and budget, and number of people who has responded. That part I get, but if a month-old buyer’s request is still there, does it mean the buyer is still searching, even after a month with 30 people responding?
How do we know if the request is still valid or has expired??? Does is automatically disappear once an offer is requested?


The chances are 1. The Buyer is waiting for the right seller, none of the offers is up-to the mark

  1. The Buyer has found someone right but need more people to work on his project

  2. Didn’t like any of the offers and didn’t login since because of being busy or any other reason

  3. Spammers drove him away

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I think they’re supposed to get paused after about 30 days. I don’t think you should really see ones >30 days (or approx 30 days - maybe it depends on timezones etc.).

It can stay on there until the buyer marks it as ‘paused’ or deletes it. This means that BR’s can sit there forever and all you do is add another to an already overflowing inbox that will just be ignored. As a rule of thumb, I never send a request to a Buyer Request than has ten or more offers already on it.


I don’t see any buyer requests in the “active” section when I go to the buyer requests page, dated earlier than Sep 08, 2017 (30 days ago). It seems to be the same whichever category I select (though I’ve only a few categories so it may be different for other categories?). And I expect it might be a day or so different in different timezones.

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Aaaah, OK, now I think I understand a bit more.
I was sure I saw a request that was older than 30 days, but heck, it can just stay there or get deleted eventually.

Not responding to a request with more than 10 offers sounds like a good idea, I might give it a try someday. Thank you everyone for replying :smiley:

When I did one it automatically got paused after about 30 days (I don’t know whether that depends on if an offer has been selected, which I had), but it can be re-activated. So maybe it’s the re-activated ones that are showing older dates.

According to this:

Buyer requests with no new activity (i.e. new offers or boosting), will expire after 14 days

Though I’m not sure whether that’s accurate/up to date.

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I had one spammer on the Buyer Request I just posted for a caricature.

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It does sound like a good idea but it actually isn’t. Most responses to BRs are junk that the buyer will skip over. From experience, I have had BRs that had around 30 responses, 10 from the same seller with multiple accounts, 15-18 from other no-hopers and occasionally I get one that might be useful.
The way BRs is set up, it is easy to see and delete the rubbish within 30-40 seconds so there is no disincentive to responding if you are a good match.

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I rarely, or ever for that matter, select the 1st 10 bidders. They responded too quickly with either, “I do for you” or a canned response that are so generic, I have no idea what they are bidding.

The 1st 10 bids are typically $5 when it should clearly be at least $25 to $45. I can see maybe $15 or $20 If a newbie who actually read the requirement, but $5? :disappointed:

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Only one? Perhaps, the spammers couldn’t spell the word correctly.

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Those which are more than 5 days old are usually not worth sending offers on unless they need help on a long term project. For quick things like converting a file or writing a paragraph for their bio, it’s likely that by the 5 day mark they’ve already found someone somewhere else or just found out how to do it themselves.

Of course, for longer term projects buyers are more likely to wait for their perfect seller but generally the smaller jobs will be done in a couple of days.