"Please, please do your best with my project, as [reason]"


I’m sure we’ve all heard variants on this theme. My question is, does it irritate you? For me, it makes me wonder why they’re ordering from me, or if they think I selectively choose which projects to do my very best work on, giving everyone else scraps from my notebook?

It also typically highlights a fraught relationship with a needy and fussy buyer who might turn into an irrational satanic minion at the drop of a hat, too. So really, buyers, please don’t say this to sellers. It’s a loaded, slightly antagonistic sentiment that gets little red flags flying all over the place. Have trust where you place your money!

And yes, I am dealing with one right now… sigh


It has to do with your TRS title.

They think, since you are oh TOP Bread winner on Fiverr, you have your hands full and may not give your 110% on their jobs…

yah know?:older_man:


I´m used to a slight variation to that theme from my offline work, it goes like: "Please reduce the price for my project, as [reason]"
Now while I could certainly make a good argument of them just having built a house, bought a Jaguar, returned from an expensive holiday, have not much money generally at the moment is in no way a logical reason for me to reduce a price…I don´t, because, well, you can imagine. Yes, it irritates me, especially because I haven´t built a house, bought a car, returned from an expensive holiday etc. and when I don´t have money to spare, well, don´t buy anything.

“Please, please do your best with my project, as [reason]” doesn’t irritate me though, I find it cute rather.

Have a heart. (I mean, I´ll give you a virtual one as consolation, I know you do have a real one ;))


Grab some :coffee: and one of my feshly baked :cookie:

I hope you feel better now :wink:


Oh, then perhaps they should also be more accommodating of the fact that I don’t offer 24/7 instant response to their inane queries and then dock me stars for communication, or whatever that metric is. Seriously, dude? Yes, I sent you a message to let you know I got the order and I will start working on it soon and I will be in contact if any issues arise. No chit-chat!

I’m feeling a bit burnt out today, admittedly.


“Please do your best.”

“I hope there will be no errors.”

“What we’re doing is awesome, I hope you will find it interesting.”

Surprisingly enough, a lot of them have turned out to be really nice to work with. As in, I deliver, they give me a glowing review, and possibly order again.

@miiila “My budget is tight at the moment, can you do $15 work for $5?”

“I’m sorry, but I can’t do that, because (imagine a polite explanation here). For $5, I can do (…).”

“I’ll buy the $15.” vanishes into thin air, never to contact me again


“If you do excellent work, I will leave you a large tip”


“Wow, this is awesome, I love it!”

No tip, “outstanding experience” review sometimes, but usually no review. SMH…

Yes, these type can be nice, just worried, but every so often they just turn out to be hypercritical and you wonder if their issues with not getting the very best results on Fiverr was because of a tight budget, wanting all the bells and whistles and wanting to micromanage stuff and getting furious when etc etc etc. I love those.

@annai80, the cake sounds good! I’m eyeing up the Xmas wine myself…


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Story Game


The vanishing part isn´t so easy in offline work though for both sides :wink:


Same here. Usually the folks who promise to tip say that they loved the work (or say nothing), and disappear.


They think they are outsmarting you by BUTTERING you up.

Would you like salt with that?:fries:


Yeah, well all they get from me is advanced eye rolls and a tut.


lols :relieved:

“Please, please do your best with my project, as…

"I am a tall man, with a short amount of money this time, but if you meet my liking, I will tell my other “short…I mean tall” friends about you…`:anguished:

“this tiny amount is all our corporate office has to spend on this big project” :mask:

“I’m running out of time and I need this super fast, but don’t want to order your Express gig” :rocket:


I hate when clients say this. If you won’t pay for express service, then you gotta wait in line like everybody else. My favorite though, since we have a mix/master gig is:

" I work for insert record label/big mainstream artist name here. If you can do this for just one gig and give me the 24 hour turnaround, i’ll make sure to send tons of work your way."

Uh huh, suuuuuuuure :expressionless:


:yum: who can resist “tons of work coming your way”…hope you take that offer :relaxed:


The best variation I ever had was "Can you please reduce the price as I already lost money with the other buyer who effed up my project?"
My reply was “So you actually asking me to pay for the damage the other seller caused you?”

Aside from the fact that I didn’t reduce anything and asked him politely to search for another seller, I actually understood his panic. He sold a gig that he wasn’t capable of doing, so he outsourced the work. There is nothing wrong with that actually. Then he had hired a very cheap mek-sell-fast-seller who delivered his Google translate results in an instance. His client, however, wasn’t pleased with the result, so he had to find a seller who was actually capable of doing the job and due to his small margin he had to find one who was very cheap as well. Talking about “buy cheap and you buy double”.

I hope the guy had learned his lesson and overthought his strategy.


I’ve heard that from $5 buyers. It makes me want to cancel the order.

I think they are enjoying the idea of hiring someone, and feel they have to be firm and demanding.


It’s undoubtedly petty of me but if a buyer I don’t know does this to me I never deliver quickly even if I finish the work.


:innocent::slight_smile: “innocent until proven…”


Unfortunately, I’ve been that buyer when I’m purchasing gigs on behalf of my clients, as well as “the tip guy”

I think what it boils down to is the reality of Fiverr work. There are tons of A+ sellers on here who do honest, great work. And then there are several who don’t. I’ve interacted with both, got burned and got rewarded, and for people who actually need a project done, Fiverr is not usually the first choice (unless their cheap of course).

We get worried that what is delivered will be sub-par, and so we try to do the only thing we know how to do, ask you to do your best. Granted, it does absolutely nothing to the final product and only irritates the seller, but when a buyer hears “yes, I will do my best” it really does help console us.

But hopefully that’s where the buyer stops micro-managing and simply works with the seller, instead of being inane or asking 100% useless questions. Sometimes something I ask may seem simple to a seller, but some buyers, like myself, need to realize that when we find a gem on Fiverr, we need to trust them.