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Please! Please help me find the wrong in my gig

I published my gig in 29 January but until today impression just 15. With so few impressions, it looks like I have a problem with my gig, but I don’t understand what’s wrong with my gig. I am very disappointed to see so few impressions I humbly request :pray::pray::pray: you to look at my gig and explain the gig problems. Thanks advance. Gig links


There’s a spelling mistake in the main gig image and video thumbnail, and that word is also spelt incorrectly in the gig description.


I can’t find any word wrong in thumbnails and descriptions. Please tell me again which word is wrong?

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In the description it’s on the line that says “6. Job Tittle”.

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i saw your gigs and the price are quite affordable i.e $5 :grinning: BUT, after I read your gigs, i don’t have any reason why I should spent $5 :grinning:

but I remember last years, I hang around on some forum! I need email list so bad, because most people in there can turn $10 into $1000, :joy: just doing simple task! I read forum suggestion, they said we only need godady , and then email ppl, in short it’s very easy jobs! but problems is, I don’t have email list! and skills to find targeted buyers! so i stop to visit that forum! :sweat_smile: but I can bet, if you offer your services and skill in there, I am sure you can get decent order, at least $5 for that ppl in the forum are nothing! but for the sake of Forum TOS, I can’t mention that forum names :stuck_out_tongue: anyway Good luck with your gigs!

Hint: i will spend my money for a product that worth 10 times :smiley:

btw if you want increase your gigs view, you need to research your niches, otherwise, your gigs will not get view!


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Hi there! The main thing that’s wrong with your gig is the amount of revisions that you’re offering.

Never offer unlimited revisions! Buyers can request as many revisions as they want and you could end up doing extra work that wasn’t in the original order. Also, since they can request as many revisions as they want, you could get pulled into a never ending order that goes on for years!

I would recommend offering 1 or 2 revisions and then charging more for extra revisions. You can do this through gig extras. I hope this helps!

Thanks for your advice :two_hearts:

I’ll fix it for him. Could this be the reason for the low impression?

We don’t really know exactly how their search algorithm works.
Maybe it might affect clicks (eg. fewer people might click on it if they see the error) which might in future affect impressions if the algorithm uses past clicks or recent orders to decide whether to list the gig in search results/category pages at a particular time/position.

edit: the above is about the thumbnail. In theory it could reduce impressions if there was a misspelling in the gig description and the buyer searched for that text with the correct spelling - which then didn’t display your gig/or not in a high position in that search result.

Ok thank you for your help

I hope there is no less hope in the impression because of working for less money. Being a new seller, I have offered to work for less money. However, if senior experts like you ask you to increase the price, then increase the price

Thanks for your valuable feedback