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Please Please Please add Payza also as a Payment processor

I have great difficulty in withdrawing my earning. Paypal is not supported in my country. Please add Payza as payment processor. I am sure other users from Pakistan and Bangladesh are also having problem in their payment processing as Paypal is not supported here. Please add Payza.

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Have you considered the Fiverr revenue card, it is Payoneer which I think works with many other countries.

Payoneer does not send their cards to Pakistan, they demand $20 in advance. :frowning:

Yes, Payment alternatives are definitely a good idea, Skrill would be great as well.

Plenty of other sellers are from Pakistan to it must be working ok, and sometimes you have to spend money when you are starting a business in order to make money.

BUt why do you think it costs $20 in advance? I just googled how to apply for a Payoneer card and several people have articles online with step-by-step instructions for Pakistan and no mention of having to pay anything in advance.

I am wondering if you went to a fake or scam site to apply from clicking on a link or something. Or did you go direct to Payoneer website url

I request Fiverr to add Direct Bank Transfer system in Bangladesh.

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