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PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Tell us when things are happening!

I really love when suggestions are implemented, it is awesome, but it is SO freakin frustrating when we are not told about them! For example, it seems like Fiverr is playing around with the number of days for people ordering additional gigs, ie if someone orders 2 gigs and your delivery time is 7 days, it will now make the delivery time 14 days.

This is a great feature, however most sellers have their delivery time set around not having this feature, ie my delivery time is currently 7 days, so if I get multiple gig orders (which is REALLY common in voiceover) then I will still be able to deliver. Now I just went to send someone a message to let them know they hadn’t ordered enough gigs, and I added 8 gigs to the order and it say it would have a delivery time of 56 days!

So fiverr peeps, can you please let us know when things are going on as it is really frustrating when we don’t know things like that - especially when it has the potential to affect orders! If a customer wanted to order a voiceover that was 8 gigs and saw a delivery time of 56 days, there is no way they would order that and if it has changed, I need to know, so I can adjust my gig accordingly…

PS this is kind of as much of a rant as it is a suggestion…

Oh, I am so glad you posted this! I had this happen a few days ago, with one buyer who ordered a large job himself (without going through Custom Offer). The delivery time was like 18 days and I just could not figure out how that happened! Now I see it is a new "feature."

I do like the extension of deadlines somewhat–for when buyers do as this one did and order a large gig without messaging me first. But I can’t figure out how they got 18 days when my normal deadline is 7-10 days on most orders of the size he made. Very odd.

I am also frustrated with multiple changes when the News forum is perfectly good but seems to be randomly used. I love some of the recent fixes and the well planned suggestion responses. I’m not loving the lack of info at all. I second the suggestion that a consistent and easy to find update method be chosen.

Its not that I don’t love the suggestions being implemented, it is more the frustration of discovering those implementations by accident, especially when they are things that make a big difference to sellers… Just let us know what is going on, that is all :slight_smile:

i agree 100%, we design the software for free, all the spotty koreans have to do is the programming, so a bit of feed-back on the ideas would be kool.


Totally agree, with you all.

Completely agree.

It would take a maximum of 5 minutes to write a quick note in the ‘News’ section about minor updates.

Thank you for posting this! I didn’t know about this until now!

Totally agree. It is extremely frustrating trying to explain a new feature to a buyer when I wasn’t even aware of the feature until they brought it to my attention.