Please promote my gig :)


hi everyone.

I am new to here. So I would like to promote my gigs. please visit my profile and be kind to give me your support for start new career on Fiverr :slight_smile: I am expert for redesign logo designs and other designs. Also I can redesign your bitmap or low quality design to a new High Quality vector design. also provide .EPS file too. If you are interests please order fast.


Welcome to Fiverr.

As a buyer I can safely say that begging people to order won’t make people order.

If you have to beg for a sale than you don’t have confidence in your own work.

If you want to get sales than do good work. That’s it. Don’t beg. It doesn’t work. And you need to promote your gig yourself. Nobody will do it for you. Most people have their own gigs to promote. Get your friends or E-Mail contacts to order some gigs from you. That will get things started. But you need to do it yourself.



Hi and welcome!

Please understand that Fiverr is a really just a parking space for your gig.

On Fiverr you are an independent business owner. You are essentially on your own. Most folks jump in blind, over their head with little or no advertising, sales, marketing, promotions, product development or business experience. It’s a lot hats to wear.

Know where to find Buyers (and drive them to your gig).

Most of your Buyers are not on Fiverr, or on the forum. Relying on Fiverr to bring you Buyers is like a fisherman relying on rain to bring him fish. You have to go where the Buyers are; Blogs, Forums, Social Media, your hometown, your church, your school. You must let people know what you do and how to buy your products/services.

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