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Please provide constructive critisism

Hello everyone
I am a new seller and love photoshop
I am excited to get my first order.I am trying to do my best and wish me luck
I am open for any constructive critisism and feel free
Here is the link to my gig
Business card

hope you will get success soon @anvith_619

Hello! Just a few tips for your gig description is to make sure to use proper capitalization and punctuation in order to appear more professional. Overall it looks really good though! Also I noticed in your first gig you have two similar style logos and then one completely different kind. If I were you I would make two separate gigs. One for the first style of logo that’s more complex and then a different gig for th at more minimal/flat look. This way you can target the two different audiences more effectively. Good luck I wish you the best!

Thanks a lot danmarino I really want to thank for helping me out
I will try to improve my description
You made my day :slight_smile: :grinning:

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Thanks a lot qbo_xero_pro I wish you the best too
If you have any suggestions on how to imrpove feel free to ask