Please Provide Feedback On My Gig!


Hi there! My name is Tolu, and I’m a new seller on Fiverr who has been doing research on how I can improve my sales copy. I recently made some changes to my profile and gig. I know there’s still room for improvement, so I would love some feedback on how I’m doing so far.

Regarding multiple pictures, what would types of images would you suggest I add without being overly reliant on stock images? Should I add my profile picture to the gig? I don’t have examples of my work to show yet, so should I wait until I do?

Thanks in advance for your help!


Dear Tolu:

My first impression:

Instead of talking about yourself in the third person, try first person. Blaise Faint finds that when Blaise Faint goes on and on about Blaise Faint, people start to wonder about Blaise Faint in a way that Blaise Faint doesn’t think helps Blaise Faint’s brand. (But that’s just Blaise Faint’s opinion, and Blaise Faint admits that Blaise Faint COULD BE wrong. But, in Blaise Faint’s heart of hearts, Blaise Faint knows that Blaise Faint is right about this.)

Instead of duplicating your profile photo, which is small, take candid shots of you working, preferably somewhere cool, like at an outdoor cafe or whatever.

Create dummy samples of your work.

Make use of the 2 @3-page pdfs you can add to your Live Portfolio.

Good luck,


Thank you very much for your advice. However, I’m rather confused about your first point. I’ve looked through my profile and gig and I’m pretty sure I’ve been using first person throughout.


Dear Tolu:

Actually, that’s my error, because I just looked at what popped up on screen on this page:

For only $5, abstractgiraffe will proofread and edit your fantasy novel or short story.

Fiverr actually does that to everybody. My bad.

Regarding creating dummy samples, because you work in fantasy, you could show you editing famous works in that genre.

I myself have written a new and improved ending to Romeo and Juliet, inspired by the lyrics to the Taylor Swift song, “Just Say Yes.”

Good luck,


Dear Tolu:

I’ve taken a little closer look.

You’re working on your video, images, and so on, so I assume you’ve read the various guides in the forum about how to improve your gig.

Here’s what I’ve noticed:

Profile Text:

I can work with you to make it so.

If this sentence had started with, “And,” I’d be all, like, “Whoa, this seems like a sentence fragment to me!” However, this sentence as is is genius! Genius!

If you answered yes, then welcome. Let me be the one to make your work shine.

So many people on Fiverr have told me that I’ve come to the right place that it’s a relief to just be welcomed for once!

You’re in an awkward position, because you’re going after a niche audience, and at the moment you have no reviews.

I’d suggest adding other gigs in the proofreading / editing / writing field, based on research into who is going to buy these gigs.

If you’re looking closely in this area, you should be able to find the services that have the most demand.

Because you can’t say, “I was an editor at Random House for 20 years,” you have to do everything you can to persuade people to work with you, and I suggest you broaden your offerings to help you accomplish that goal.

I’d suggest reading David O’Gilvy. If you find that you have a facility for writing copy, then you could develop gigs along those lines.

Finally, I’ve noticed that you have gig packages. As you gain Buyers and make sales, hopefully you will finetune this as you find which packages and pricing points work best for you.

Good luck,


Your advice has been truly invaluable! As you mentioned, I’ve switched to 3 packages and removed the Additional Words entirely. However, your response has had me wondering just how Additional Words can be used effectively if buyers can just buy multiple gigs. I feel a little confused about exactly how it works.

Also, it’s funny you mentioned creating extra gigs because I recently had an idea for a second gig involving writing fairy tales, but wasn’t sure if I should create it since I hadn’t made any sales on the first gig yet. I’ve seen this advice elsewhere as well, so I think I might as well go ahead and create it. (I’m very much interested in copywriting as well.)

Once again, thank you for your time!


Dear Tolu:

I don’t have any gigs in your niche, so I can’t answer that question about additional words. If no one in your niche steps up in this thread, I suggest you search the forum to find previous threads that have dealt with this topic.

Once you identify active forum participants in your niche, you might be able to ask them directly via the Forum.

You should be aware of Fiver’s Levels, because as you move up in Levels, you will have more gig multiples available per gig.

I suggest you be sure to read this post about building your gigs

if you haven’t already.

Good luck,