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Please put the forum Do's and Donts back?

My title has a question mark since I’m not sure if this is a browser issue, a bug or perhaps I’m crazier than I thought. I had given up for a while on asking spammers to read the forum rules since they mostly ignored it. Today one newbie seemed interested in actually following them so I suggested it and went to find the link at the top of the forum. I could no longer find the forum rules. I am on a tablet so maybe it’s just me, but if it is desirable for people to learn them, it seems they should be easy to find. If they are easy to find and I missed them, someone tell me. :slight_smile:

I think the reason that they removed it is because no one read it anyway :))

Reply to @kay2809: That may be right and I was surprised that someone was interested, but I did ask a new seller to keep gig ads in My Fiverr Gigs and she was receptive so I had renewed faith! The ones that do show interest in learning often say that didn’t know about the “rules” and when they do at least the link gives you something to point out for the brightest up and comers! As @kjblynx mentioned, they are back tonight so maybe that will help.

Maybe everyone should have to pass a rules of the forum test before they are able to post :stuck_out_tongue:

@sue_mcl I wonder how busy the forum would be after that? :wink:

The link to the forum guidelines has been removed again due to an announcement about a new superseller which apparently is much more important. If anyone cares, perhaps it would be possible to keep the forum guidelines at the top AND congratulate the deserving seller. If no one cares, just forget it.