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Please put value into your work!

i’m getting annoyed of some Buyers who Start negotiating OVER 5/10$ Gig …
I mean Really , You want High Quality Job , But you want also to negotiating the " price "

After i Looked into it , and Wanted to see why is this happening ! I Found out , That Its not the buyers’s fault , Its some Sellers here on fiverr who Underestimate their Work and Give no Value to it at all! And that Makes the Buyers Start thinking that whatever they Pay , its Even worth the price!

Just a Little tip for the Sellers! PLEASE Whatever you are Good at! Put Your best into it , and ALSO give your work some value and don’t go for Little money for a Job that’s worth much more.

Focus on your own work, not the fault of others. If a buyer comes to you expecting you to underestimate etc, don’t help them. They’ll go away. The sellers doing this have their own reasons and strategies. Leave them and their buyers to get on with it.

I feel you and I am with you. I’ve got a translation gig and I’ve seen it too. I know there are things we can’t stop but there must be a limit. For example, I saw buyers trying to pay $5 for the translation of a book of 40.000 words! For those who don’t know, a job like that can cost around $4000+royalties and usually can take you around a month to finish it. I don’t understand why sellers would offer shillings for such job. If there’s a moderator reading this, please do something with this. Organize a debate, launch a new option or whatever.

I agree that many sellers don’t know enough to put a higher price on their work but as emmaki said that’s their business and they can do as the please.
They may be very desperate.

I turned down an order because I was asking for 200$ and he was negotiating. The thing is its not about how much you earn, its about is it worth the time you’re spending. I got an other 65$ order on the say day though.

What I am trying to say here is do what you feel is right and don’t worry about the earnings.

The best way is to avoid doing work for cheap. Now I get low orders but all orders are at least above $20…Its same like doing twenty $5 gigs or you can do Five $20 dollar gigs…Simple!!!

The buyers who offer such ridiculously low prices for translation are the same ones who then complain that the translation they got was a bad computer translation.
I had a client from another site tell me that they had got bad computer translations from 3 sellers and wanted me to guarantee that mine would be better. It was for 5000 words and when I told them my price they said they were not willing to pay more than $10. I explained that this is why they will continue to get bad translations and if they paid more the first time then they would not have wasted $30 on the bad translations. They were furious with me so I told them I was no longer interested in working with them and withdrew my offer. People who do not value your work or advice are not worth working with.