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Please rate my First Gig out of 5

Hey Guys,
I am a new seller on Fiverr.
I have created my First gig can you please rate my gig out of 5, will be really thankful to you.

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Hi nkprostudio,

I have a few tips and suggestions for you to improve your gig. There are some general procedures that every new seller on Fiverr should follow. Since you are basically a business owner (freelancer) and your profile page is your storefront, you need to treat it as any other business.

  1. Research your competition before creating your gig. There is a lot of competition in this niche but to make money and get sales, you stand a better chance by modeling your gig after other successful sellers doing the same thing as you. Now, this doesn’t mean copying anything from their gig! It just means to make your gig attractive to buyers by making your offer mirror what is working for other sellers. (quality/quantity of content, delivery times, extras, etc.)

  2. Any seller here will advise you to not offer “unlimited revisions.” Although it might sound like a good way to guarantee the quality of your service to a buyer, many unscrupulous buyers would take advantage of that and it severely limits you with Customer Service for future buyer disputes. If you offer unlimited revisions the buyer can just keep sending it back over and over wasting your time because he or she is picky and hard to please for their $5 investment.

  3. I would rethink the quantity of images you are offering in your packages. There is a tendency to want to over-offer when you first start out to get buyers to start ordering your gig. However, ask yourself if what you are offering is worth the time it takes to create the finished product, and at the price you have listed?

I’m not a graphic designer but I can imagine that it takes a lot of time to edit the background out of 200 images. How much time would it take for you to make $35 for that one order? One thing that helped me to not over-extend myself was to look at what my competitors were offering and price my gigs close to theirs for quantity and price. It lightens the workload and you can manage multiple orders in a day.

I did a little research and found two examples of competitors gigs in your niche that have made a good number of sales and positive reviews. (I do not know these sellers or endorse them in any way, I am only including them as an example of something that is working)

I hope these tips will help you, and please don’t take anything I’ve said as an offense, it’s meant to help you improve and start getting orders.

Note: It takes time, even after making improvements, to get sales on Fiverr. This is true for all sellers here. Realistically, it can take months for you to get your first sales make sure you do everything you can to "market’ your gigs on social media, your personal blogs, and any other platforms you frequently use like LinkedIn, Warrior Forum ,etc.

Don’t expect to make a full-time income and have other income-producing projects going on the side to help you pay bills. There is no secret to making it to the first page of search results. It is based on your history on Fiverr, successful order completions, response rate, and a number of other factors so there is no shortcut. Just hard work and the time you put in will make it happen. And even that is not always what makes you sales, buyers often use the filters to find sellers by level, delivery time, and price.

So, good luck to you and I wish you success!


Thank you lisamusser for your really informative suggestions.

Yes you are right, it takes much time to remove 200 images background. But as a new seller right now I am just focusing on stability on my ranking & offering something extra to get some order.
But I will really consider your advice & will definitely make some changes.

I had some research at the time of creating my gig & observed most of the designers offering unlimited revision after that I also offer the same.

But one thing you brought to my notice which I have not thought about.
someone can take advantage of just 5$ by unlimited revision.
I will think about it.

Thank you for your research. I really appreciate your effort & investing your time to research my niche for providing me some good suggestions.

So, Thank you so much for your GREAT SUGGESTIONS.

I also wish your success in you field.

Naeem Khan

Hi Naeem, @nkprostudio


You’ve got your first inquiry for an order on the way, from me.

Not because I was looking for your type of service at this stage in my project, but… because of your professionalism & how you conducted yourself during the interaction with @lisamusser on here.
You seemed too good an opportunity to pass by.

Hopefully it helps start you on your Fiverr journey, look forward to hearing back from you Re. my inquiry.



Hello Mr. Vandeen @voiceover_brit

Thank you for placing your valuable order.

As a new seller, I was not aware that someone can get an order over a good conversation.

but I can easily understand, this special order you can make it done by any high-level seller at the same cost but you encourage new sellers like me to grow on Fiverr. it shows your spirit of help.

We will really work hard to meet your requirements & hope you will remember us for your future project ahead.

As you are our First Client on Fiverr you will be always special for us. we are always available for you for any help & query. you will always get VIP support from us, no matter how loaded we are on the project.

So, Thanks again for your order.

We wish you for your success!

Naeem Khan

Hi @lisamusser
I would like to Thank You once again for your valuable advice, which helps me to get my first order on Fiverr, I can’t express my self how much I appreciate your efforts which were really practical & great.

I wish you for your great success!

Naeem Khan

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You’re very welcome. Congratulations on getting your first order!

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@freelance_arts You need to start your own topic to ask this question. Use New topic feature under Improve my GIG section, provide details and link. Kind regards.

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