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Please rate my gig in out of 10

Hi, beautiful peoples I just created a new gig so, please rate my gig in out of 10 and please give feedback. Thank you


Rating from 1 to 10 tells you literally nothing:

It’s subjective, doesn’t consider your market or goals and gives you zero action.

But since you ask: you’ve created a gig that has thousands of competitor on Fiverr alone, plus there are many free automated tools that will do this in a matter of seconds. For these reasons, I don’t think you want me to rate your gig…


When you don’t know about something (graphic designing) and someone that how hard he worked on his gig you don’t need to post a demotivated comment, i know that there is a lot of automated tools which can generate you pictures like these but you can lose the quality of the picture if you use such things, so what I want to say that I worked for hours to create these transparent background photos on adobe. thank you


It’s pretty cool bro.

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thanks man God bless you

Reality and assessment of the market isn’t a “demotivated comment.” Ignoring the market is what is demotivating.

You need to look at it from a buyer perspective. If they don’t see the value, they aren’t going to buy it. That doesn’t change just because the service differs from how people perceive it.

Perception drives sales. The burden is on the seller to change that perception and prove the value. That isn’t happening here.

This is also extremely competitive with no evidence there is actually a demand for something that goes beyond what a free tool can do. Even if there is, you’re still a needle in a haystack.

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I know all about this but at least I’m trying to do some good work and yes I have more skills in adobe and there are also some more gigs on my profile I’m not selling only background removal I do professionally all kind of Photoshop editing on adobe. By the way, thank you for your advice

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you can see this buyer request that what he asked for if there are lots of free tools available which can remove the background then why she wasting her time and money on Fiverr?

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I give it 9.9 out of 10.
For feedback - where it says “Photo college” - maybe that should be “Photo collage”.

Also it says in the “Why hire me?” section “Unlimited revision until you satisfied” - but the Premium package is 9 revisions - less than the other 2.

It says there’s a big discount on…"…, Background removal, " - though it isn’t clear how you’d give the discount on 20 images background removal when that’s already the lowest Fiverr price.

The package description only mentions background removal - it doesn’t say that the other things mentioned in the gig description can also be done for every image.

Also one of the gig tags is “background chang” instead of “background change”.


thank you for your feedback