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Please read everything!

I realize sellers may complete orders quicker then their deadline but I always mention that mine can take the full 7 days I have allotted. I am always perplexed but the buyer who messages repeatedly about when their order will be done. Is this the standard?

I also deliver my proof on a mock up, which I outline in a deliver paragraph. It lets the buyer know that the order needs approval before I will deliver it and that it will not appear on the mock up. Still, I get angry messages about why their logo looks the way it does.

I am expected to read your text in full, please do me the favor of reading all of mine. It has all the info you need and I took the time and care to write it out to make sure you’re taken care of. Please stop being nasty because you didn’t understand. I am here to help and I am human!

One thing I quickly realized when I joined Fiverr is that sometimes, people juuuuuust
dooooooooooon’t read. Not sure why.
I’m sure that even if Fiverr came up with a special feature where a 3D pop-up message appears
on the screen asking "Did you read everything??? Are you sure you READ EVERYTHING!!??"
in bright florescent pink lights blinking around it with some music playing, I doubt it will change anything.

It’s not just Fiverr, I’m sure we have met people in our lives who does not listen, does not ask,
does not read, and does not think, etc, no matter what.

I do get quite annoyed when I get buyers who did not read my description, but all I can do is
breath slowly a few times, maybe swear at the screen a bit, pop a chocolate in my mouth,
and move on. (The chocolate really works BTW)

Ha! I have been swearing a lot lately. I just don’t get people sometime.

Some people do not understand. What kind of proof copy are you sending? Does it have a watermark on it? Or is is just all blurry or something? And when you say you “deliver” it, do you mean you actually mark the gig as delivered and complete on your end? Or are you saying that you send them a mock-up just in a message for them to look over and give feedback? The other issue on this mock-up issue is possibly language barrier.

And yes, most people on Fiverr usually tend to expect things sooner. It is kind of thoguht of that the number of days on your gig is the maximum you can actually have to send it, but most sellers do tend to deliver it sooner. Buyers expect you are just working on the jobs in yoru queue and when you are done with one, move on to the next, so if there are only 1 or 2 they don’t think it’s really going to take 7 days.

If you generally always take the full 7 days, I would make sure to add a line clearly at the end of your gig, separated by a space, saying something like…YOur logo will be completed in 7 days. If you need it sooner please order my extra 2-day delivery.

Maybe that will help cut down all the buyers pestering you during the process.