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Please read it and answer

I need you to check my gig please):
I didn’t earn anything till now from Fiverr.
Please check my gig(If you like the gig - buy and if don’t, tell me why)
Thank you very much(:slight_smile:
Check my gig:


Hi Omer,

I am afraid I would run a mile from your gig.

You mention it’s “cheap” something like four times. Cheap is a terrible word to use…cheap means unprofessional. How many professional logo designers scream “it’s cheap!” Why mention “cheap” at all? They can see the price for themselves.

The “cheaper” you make your gig here, also, the less interesting it becomes to buyers who want quality. There are many of those here; my average gig value is $450.

The graphics you have provided…well, the two examples both look the same as each other. If I commissioned you, I’d be thinking I was going to get exactly what you have already shown.

Then there is the use of exclamation marks all over the place–again, an indication you are not running a professional business. Imagine going to a high street logo designer who shouts at you all the time (!).

The gig comes across that you have no training or experience in this and are just trying to earn a quick buck–which is fine but do try and earn a buck with more professionalism, and it will be effective. :slight_smile:

Last, ending with “Love you all” is downright creepy. When I buy a gig, I do not want declarations of love from my seller… eek!


Ok, I understand(:slight_smile: