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Please Read it and Give your Opinion. Please!

So this opinion will only takes your moment. Suppose you’re a buyer and you click on a gig on which you’re interesting. You see these kinds of reviews in Review bar. Now tell me, according to your mind, would you order this GIG, or look for another GIG???

Please answer it! I’m really confused!

Based on the review numbers alone? Couldn’t tell you. I’d want to read the 4s and 3s and check out the 9 reviews that show a delivered image. Maybe message the seller, see how well they can ‘speak’, so as to get an idea of their writing ability.

Based on that ‘unlimited revision’ in the upper right? NOT A CHANCE.


I don’t see anything wrong here in the reviews. You’ve done at least 84 orders and you got average 4.9 out of 5 which is outstanding. That’s all it matters, so yeah I would order this gig if other conditions are met like my budget and stuff.

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You have a very small handful of ‘bad’ reviews (I wouldn’t even classify them as bad unless they were one or two stars); as a buyer, I would focus more on the writing ability itself and see what the three and four star reviews said, but I wouldn’t put all my stock in them. Mind you, I may be hesitant on purchasing based off of a few grammatical errors in the FAQ questions (corrections in bold; i.e. doesn’t meet what you said in GIG; Why so much time for the deliver(y); Why are you providing such quality at a low price.) Hope that doesn’t seem nitpicky, but small grammatical errors like that can make or break someone from purchasing from you, especially in the world of article writing.


When a person is successful to make his client happy for 80 or more times then lower feedback for 3/4 times nothing big. Just go ahead and be positive. Positive mind discuss positive ideas. Human can not be 100% perfect. At least for writing, artistic job where everyone thinks differently.

It also clients responsibility to understand the capacity of a freelancer according to his budget. If some one need 100% perfect delivery then he should hire a native person. As there is some budget complexity we try to find some one from Asia who will provide me the service according to lower budget. Not all the time something wrong from freelancers side, sometime it comes from client’s side also.

Best wishes for you.

I don’t see anything bad in the reviews. It is normal that no one will be 100% good to everyone. There may be a little mistake in the middle of a thousand good ones. See what the majority of people say.

‘79 five star reviews’- this will make the gig interesting and believable to me. But I think I will take a look over the gig at first. If I become sure that, the gig is perfect for me, then I will not go anywhere else.

Since there are 84 reviews and 79 five star reviews it is available.
But I think I will take a look over the gig at first. If I become sure that, the gig is perfect for me, then I will not go anywhere else.

I will order for sure

Thanks to sanjidasanower rashelseo_1 joyantoray maruf_wp positivezahid ariannecoach helloscoopz and imagination7413 for your answer you all are nice people!

As for your FAQ part - why on earth would YOU even bring up a question asking “Why do you have bad reviews”. ugh!! Nothing like kicking yourself in the teeth! Never, ever, ever be negative about yourself - even IF there are negative things about your work, life, personality etc - people love confidence (not cocky stuff, but you know, those who have self-esteem). There is NO reason to even mention this last thing on your FAQ’s as well as some of the other ones too, but, I am not in your category, so maybe you need to explain “why so cheap” - those make me cringe too.

I would get rid of that last FAQ - you have the opportunity to respond to negative reviews already. Use that to show your professional side to those you could not make happy, regardless of whether it was your fault or theirs.

I think having that last FAQ just puts like a neon blinking sign that is subconsciously telling the buyer to “go look at those bad reviews this one has!!!”

You never want to emphasize or draw attention to the negative or your flaws - always highlight your strengths. Always!!!