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PLEASE READ - Unable to find gig in search SOLVED

There are about 15 posts a day from sellers (mostly new) who are saying they cannot find their gigs in search.

I did a little experiment with my own gigs and found something out.

  1. You can search your gig and find it at the bottom then the next search can find it at the top.

  2. Gigs can disappear. One time I searched my gig and filtered it down to find it easier. It was nowhere to be found. I tried again 10 minutes later with the same filters and it was in the middle.

  3. “Ranking” doesn’t matter. Your gig will move up and down. There is nothing wrong with the algorithm when you find your gig at the bottom. You either get orders or you don’t. Nothing more.

  4. Leave CS alone. Stop sending the poor guys messages over this. Refer to 1-3 if you are seeing a problem.

If you can’t ever find your gig, use the Filter button to try and find it. There are about 108,000 gigs in logo design so don’t waste your time going through all of the pages.

Make this post known so people can find it before posting.


Amen to this! Thank you for posting. More people need to understand what you wrote (the same thing I keep trying to tell users on the forum as well). This is the truth – every bit of it. There is no forum ranking, and gigs rotate all over the search results, and show up in different places for different users.

Again, thank you for posting this!


yes i already apply filter, still cant find my gig


Read number 2…


i have checked from last week, i cant find :frowning:

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You have to logout before you search


People with thousands of reviews are facing this problem. You can’t deny that gigs with 0 reviews are in search and gigs with thousands of reviews and continuous sales from regular buyers aren’t searchable.

Yes, you can find your gig by applying filters but that doesn’t matter. No buyer will ever apply filter like local buyer and then go to the last page to buy something.

Also, it is not about ratings or performance, it’s just Fiverr’s algorithm.

“Ranking Doesn’t Matter?” hm? With due respect, I think you have a lot to learn about Fiverr and how it works.

You have 29 reviews, imagine sellers with thousands of reviews who worked their butt off for years and CS gets back to them with a template reply that gigs that are doing better are ranked above them. While all they can find are gigs with 0, negative reviews or last order delivered a year ago.

So, dude, the ranking does matter.

And yeah, your post says, I did a little experiment, I think you forgot to add that experiment in the post. Waiting for it.


I have heard from many of my previous buyers that they found me via filters. Buyers use filters all the time to narrow down their searches, and find the best seller for their project.

Please don’t make random claims about the behavior of buyers. Your claim is not accurate. Many buyers DO use filters. That’s why the filters exist.


Yes, previous buyers can surely find you. I agree.

However, when your gig is not in search and you can’t even find it using title. That’s time, even if you apply local seller, online seller, category filter. Even after these, you will find your gig on the last page.

New buyers may apply these filters but won’t browse through to the last page to order lol.

If it’s for new sellers, I agree.

I did my first hundred orders from buyer request. I didn’t know anything about ranking or I can even find my gig. Never searched myself for months.

After a few months, I started to rank in first 4-5 pages and then for a year I was ranked on first page with always 15+ orders in queue. Sometimes even 25+.

But the last 60 days have been tough. Didn’t receive a single message. You won’t believe people with 0 reviews and negative feedbacks showed up for my title in search.

I think my gig was screwed more than yours. That’s why you are getting some messages. Good luck dude.

Anyways, I wish you get a lot of orders. Thanks

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Just because YOU can’t find your gig, does not mean it isn’t in the search system. It just means that YOU don’t see it when YOU do a search. Please reread what @guymastrion wrote.

Then don’t rely on the search system for your orders. Take the time to learn how to market and promote your services so the people who need what you offer can find you, and hire you. That’s the point of business. Why would hosting your services on Fiverr be any different? Why do so many sellers seem to think that a freelancer no longer needs to manage their gigs like a business here on Fiverr, and no longer have need of marketing and promotion.

Fiverr is not going to make you successful, or provide you with sales just because you want them to. That’s not Fiverr’s job. Those are your gigs, your success, and your revenue. YOU are responsible for doing what you need to do, in order to connect to the people who need to hire you.


Finally, someone said it!



I hope you get out of this little runt you’re in in the coming update.

Thanks Jon for all the suggestions. Really appreciate it.

Apply these yourself as well.

That was a little rude. And FYI, I have been doing all this – for years now. That’s why I am a successful veteran seller. I’m trying to impart wisdom to those, such as yourself, who have yet to learn these things. Fiverr is not here to make you successful. YOU are still responsible for making you successful.

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I did. It was yesterday when my gig started showing up and today I’m already discussing my new long-term project with a buyer who contacted me.

What’s it like in Wisconsin? I’ve heard y’all are calling in the national guard?

Sorry this is off topic

I wasn’t rude. Sorry if you feel that way.

Yes, we are still responsible for making us successful, by providing quality and getting the rank that we deserve.

I hope you get a lot of orders too! It was a good talk. Again, I wasn’t rude

I’ll be brief, and say, I haven’t heard anything about out local National Guard being called in. I’d comment further, but this is, as you noted… off-topic. You’re welcome to send me a PM, though, if you would like to discuss this further. :wink:

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The thing is, though, no one deserves any sort of “rank” on Fiverr. Fiverr is on record stating that orders are not guaranteed to anyone, just because sellers have gigs hosted on Fiverr. And no gig deserves any specific or consistent placement in the search results.

No one deserves orders, and no one deserves any “rank”. We are all equal as sellers here, and we work with the tools we have to reach out to those who need our services. The sellers who do better at this, tend to see the most success on their gigs.